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One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 43/52.

Firepit 1+4=Life

1+4=Life Autumn trees

1+4=Life two tone tomato

1+4=Life Halloween

1. A fire pit with (veggie) sausages and s’mores on a Autumn evening is the best!  I picked this fab vintage fire pit up from a yard sale and it is the perfect size.

2. As I walked through the park past the same bridge I see almost every day, I was drawn to the bright red tree.  I am sure the leaves have turned brown and dropped off by now, which makes me grateful to see the trees everyday so that I don’t miss their glorious colour change at this time of year.

3. I picked this giant two tone tomato this week and it is ripening nicely, I might get a few more red tomatoes and the rest are heading for pickles.  Most of the ripe tomatoes are being chopped with a chili from one of my plants and some coriander to make a salsa, I am eating fresh salsa at every opportunity.

4. We had our annual Halloween street party this weekend and everyone had a lovely time meeting each other and catching up.  It is amazing how we live on a little street yet, still don’t know half the people who live here. The kids played hide and seek and made a massive leaf pile which they hid in and threw about!  I came home with a pile of leaves for my composter and a smile on my face. These ‘feet’ were soon discarded by our resident Hobbit as they were a hindrance when he was climbing trees and chasing friends!

I am joining Isabel at Nanjing Nian and some other lovely bloggers in a ‘One+Four=Life’ link-up.


  1. Love the ‘fall’ picture and how it coordinates with the colours in your two tone tomato! The hobbit shoes are particularly attractive! I hope everyone has a fun Halloween in Saturday!

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