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Halloween Doodling.

Halloween Doodles
Halloween and ink splat art go together like tricks and treats! Add a spot of doodling and a fun picture is soon made,  to use for a card or for an impromptu gift and you feel all clever and spooky.
For this picture, I used watercolour paper which holds the ink nicely, but it doesn’t matter what paper you choose. I used post it notes to mask off a rectangle in the centre which becomes the window. Of course you could use painters tape if you have some knocking about, but I have none which is why I hacked up post it notes for the job.
Then comes the fun part, dip your brush into the ink and splash it about, tap the brush and splat the whole brush down for nice big splotches! I did this outside so that the ink didn’t get everywhere, which it did, but the grass doesn’t mind!

Halloween Doodles Once it is all nice and dry, remove the mask in the middle and start to add spooky details to the splats of ink and add your centre drawing.  The pens I used are Pigma Micron pen in black, size 005 which is super fine so that you can get all the details in there like the wings and tiny legs.  For the yellow I used a Koi Brush pen which come in all sorts of fabulous colours.  I used ink for the splats, but you can also use paints with some water to make them nice and runny and splatable.
I drew a window in the middle but it could be a door too which might be cool.
Here are some things to add to the splots and splats –
Insect legs
Spider legs
Legs with boots or shoes
Make them into eyes (don’t forget the creepy veins)
Tentacles (with or without suckers)
Make a line of splats into a snake
Make a slug
Make a bat

On your window or door you can add –
Wood markings
‘Beware’ or ‘Keep out’ sign
Spooky handle
A bottle marked ‘poison’
A spider on his web
Spooky face
A witches hat
A broomstick
Black cat

I think I want to make more splats and windows and maybe try a door! I would love to see what you and/or your kids make, feel free to share here or pop the pics onto Facebook, my page is Girl Fifteen or Instagram where I am also Girl Fifteen.
Happy Wednesday and happy splatting!

I am joining in with Maxabella Loves for Weekend Rewind with this post.


  1. This is soooo cool! I used to be a doodler, but I got out of the habit. I hardly ever do something creative ‘just because’ anymore. Which is rather sad. x

    • Oh, it sounds like you need to treat yourself to a lovely sketchbook and a handful of art supplies Bron!

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