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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 40/52

Yard sale finds
Elf hat or seed pod?
Jack Skellington

I am joining Isabel and a host of pals over at Nanjing Nian for the weekly ‘One + Four = Life’ project where we share four photos to sum up our week.

1. The days are getting cooler and shorter and the clouds are hiding the sun more regularly. I still have some green tomatoes which I hope will ripen on the vine and I have a couple of aubergines growing fat and purple. I am pleased with my veggie crop this year and who knew I would ever grow aubergines! My Grandad would have been proud. Now I am planning my garlic crop which I will be planting soon. Are you growing anything for Autumn or Spring?
2. This weekend saw the local yard sale extravaganza through three local ‘cities’. The annual first Saturday in October where everyone can set up shop in their own yard or garage and sell their crap! Out came our crap and some sold, but the highlight was our neighbor’s sale which was chock full of vintage goodness including lots of big garden pots which will be perfect for my garlic this year. I was undecided about the yellow bird shelf which was a whopping $5.00, but my mind was made up for me when my youngest came dancing across the road proudly holding the bird/shelf which he and my husband had bought for me! I also bought a jug for flowers and paintbrushes (not at the same time), a 1970’s cookbook, a mid century wooden recipe box and a French butter/cheese dish among a host of other treasures.  I do love a yard sale!
3. I found this little elf hat on the back steps yesterday, I assume a tiny fairy person dropped it on the way somewhere very important. Or of course it could be a plant part, a seed pod or a flower case. I am going with elf hat though.
4. We found these ‘Jack Skellington’ hats this week at ‘Five Below’ and my youngest decided he had to have one! It is now his signature look (his words, not mine!). I am a little jealous that he can rock a beanie, I love the idea of hats but I look like a right wally in them.

That was last week, I wonder what the coming week will bring? More lovely cooler weather I hope, even cool nights is a step in the right direction. Now the mornings are colder and darker, getting up is proving to be a challenge though, especially persuading the kids that getting up and going to school is a very good idea!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow Clare, your veggie crop is unreal. I feel like I’ve been part of that mitten-shaped aubergine’s life! Is that a copy of The Hobbit I spy amongst the vintage pots? I do love a bit of Tolkien. Those pots will be wonderful and that bird shelf is great too. Your son is totally rocking his new look! x ps I could not agree more with happiness at the cooler weather. Hooray for autumn (or fall as the Americans say)!

    • Hi Isabel! I will be sure to include what I make with the aubergine, I am heading towards meatless meatballs, but we shall see. The Hobbit item is a jigsaw, a two sided jigsaw too! Not sure if all the pieces are in the box as it states that there are ‘over 500’ pieces which frankly is less than helpful.

  2. Great yard-sale finds Clare – love the birdie shelf so much and the elf hat – a little bit of magic that landed right on your doorstep? Fabulous, inspiring pics too as always. And home-grown aubergine – yum! xx

    • I think the shelf might be heading to an outside wall in the Spring, he is residing in the basement for now! I hope the elf found his hat again, don’t want any chilly tiny heads!

  3. I love your collection of treasures. The yellow bird shelf was definitely a good buy. How gorgeous! All the best with the garlic crop. I think garlic can be tricky to grow right?

    • Hi Dani! I love to find good things at yard sales, always the bargain hunter. I have grown garlic before but it has never grown very big, so I am hoping that brand new potting soil in my new pots will help.

  4. How cute is that bird shelf? Lovely! Well done on the veggie crop too. I always lose patience with gardening – and with a small garden and two dogs, I just leave it to admiring others’ green thumbs!

    • I was super pleased my son made the decision and bought the shelf, it makes me smile whenever I look at it! I know what you mean, it is all the watering which drives me bonkers in the garden!

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