Through The Lens Thursday
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Through the Lens Thursday #40. Lines.

Through the Lens Thursday.Lines
Through the Lens Thursday. Lines
Through the Lens Thursday. Lines
Through the Lens Thursday. Lines
I have taken a slightly different approach to Through The Lens Thursday this week. A whole more casual approach. It happened by accident and I am pleased with how it all turned out.

As usual I had been thinking about the theme ‘lines’ for a couple of days, you know trying to come up with something artist and cool, putting the pressure on myself, trying to make sure I get a great photo.  Then I grabbed my green yoga mat and took myself off to yoga class followed by pilates, yes, Thursday is my over-achieving at the gym day!

On the way to the YMCA I always cross the same bridge and today they were painting the walkway of the bridge.  Half of it is painted and drying and I assume that tomorrow they will paint the other half to make a matching bridge.  The shadows were making lots of lines for me, combined with the line of the paint and the wood slats so I thought it would make a great ‘lines’ shot.  Oh no, no ‘big girl camera’! I am on my way to the gym, I don’t carry it with me everywhere. Shall I come back later?  No, the shadows will be moved or gone completely later.  So, I pulled out my phone and took a couple of pictures, thinking that I really should use my DSLR (big girl camera) to get a photo, because the whole idea of TTLT is to use the DSLR on manual making it a weekly practice to improve our photography skills.

Well, as I walked to the gym and subsequently home, I ended up snapping a few shots of ‘lines’. Don’t you find that once a theme or an idea is in your head, if you give it a little bit of space, it will take off and you will start to notice all kinds of things related to it.

The pressure was off, I still had a little niggle that I really should be using my BGC, but the niggle was being shushed by all the things I kept spotting and the ideas coming along.  I happily photo’ed a few random ‘lines’ related bits and bobs and I chose these four to share.

I mean pretty much anything has a line, is in a line, has a line around it, so I could have gone on and on, but I didn’t (phew, too much of a good thing!).

I didn’t edit the photos at all, except a crop to get rid of my shadow on the bridge.  Yay for taking the pressure off!

I carried the theme (‘pressure off’, not ‘lines’) over to dinner and I am making pizza dough and everyone can decide what they want on their pizza, without me making them and getting all the toppings wrong and heading to Moanville via Idon’twantthattown  at the dinner table.

Hurrah for phone cameras and hurrah for pizza!

Happy October!


  1. I love when the theme appears everywhere, and your take on it. Casual is good sometimes. I’ll be needing that approach as I try to catch up…

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