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The August Break Part 2

I know, I know, it is the end of September, the very end, the last day, the 30th and here I am still babbling on about August.  No, I am not stuck in some time warp or summer longing (heck no, I am loving the chilly nights and mornings), I used a 35mm vintage Minolta camera to take my August Break photos so therefore I had to get them developed and before that I had to finish the film.  The first part/film of my August Break photos are written about here.

I finished the picture taking and I snapped a few extra to finish the film and then I took it to be developed and then, I forgot.  But then I remembered again and I picked out my favorites and ignored the out of focus ones.

The August Break. Look up


Day 18.  Look Up. It was a stormy day and I snapped a picture of the cloudy dark sky before the clouds dropped all of their stored rain at the end of a hot August day.

The August Break. Sweet Delights.

Day 19. Sweet Delights.  I bought these peaches for everyone else in the house because although I love them, I can’t eat peaches because they make my mouth itch.  If I cook them into muffins or scones I am able to enjoy them (I wonder if there is some science reason for this) so I made some peachy muffins from a couple of these.

The August Break. Two.

Day 20. Two.  The number two on a wall and two surfaces.  This is one of my favorite photos.

The August Break.  Real Life.

Day 21. Real Life.  Lists, menu ideas and shopping list with magazines and cookbooks. I can’t make out what it was on the list, but I can see ‘DO IT!’ written next to it. I hope I did.  I live off lists, things I need to do and food shopping are my main lists.  Are you a list maker or do you manage to remember everything you need to do/buy?

The August Break. Water.

Day 23. Water. The creek in the woods where we go exploring and paddling in our wellies.  We have found all sorts down here, marbles, pots, bottles and a statue of Krishna!

The August Break. Green.

Day 25. Green. I like this photo too and to be honest I am amazed that it is in focus.  I stuck my lens pretty much right into the leaves and got a nice detailed ‘green’ picture.

The August Break. In my bag.

Day 28. In my Bag.  In this bag is a knitting project which has staggered to a halt because I have got a bit stuck.  I will make a big effort to sort it out and hopefully I will finish it.  It is a scarf so I had better get a wiggle on if I want it for this winter! Maybe I will shoot for winter 2020 and be realistic!!

So that was the photos from this year’s August Break which is hosted by Susannah Conway.  I enjoyed using my film camera but I do like to see what I am taking now that I mainly use a DSLR and my phone for photos.

Now I am ready for October tomorrow!  Happy Wednesday x


    • Hi Zoe! I love how the 2 came out! I am not a great knitter, which is probably why I have got stuck! I would it if we could all just visit each other, just for a chat and a cuppa.

  1. Love the way you have presented these photos Clare! I will have to get my camera out again and have a play. xx

  2. Yes I agree with Lisa, I love the way your laid your pics out! They look fantastic.
    I almost forgot there is such a thing as film! Good on you.
    And those peaches look amazing, only a month or two & stonefruit will be back in season here in Oz. xx

  3. well those were all gorgeous! magazine quality!!!
    FILM!!!! wouldn’t that be something if it made a huge come back like music on vinyl… never thought i’d see that day buy hey, it could happen.

    i’m a list maker too. the older i get the more i need them, it’s no longer a novelty to write a list to cross things off to feel accomplished.
    i rarely ever remember to take my phone when i leave the house for the grocery but if i forget my little notebook i panic.

    • I do like using film and polaroids too (polaroid film costs a fortune though!). I think film use is getting more and more popular too.
      I know what you mean, if I forget my shopping list, it is a big panic!

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