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One + Four = Life. Weekly photos 39/52

House for sale


Peabody Opera House, St Louis, MO

St Louis, MO

I have not taken many photos this week, but never fear, I have some to share!  I am joining in with Isabel at Nanjing Nian and linking up with other lovely people sharing their weekly photos.

1. This is an old house in our neighbourhood up for sale.  It looks like it hasn’t been touched in years, I bet it is all original inside.  Kinda cool.

2. The garden is still enjoying the warm weather, this aubergine is growing in the shape of a mitten!

3. At the weekend we caught the train into St Louis.   I love the Peabody Opera House and the array of carved faces all around the walls of the building.

4. Outside one of the local arenas is this kickboxing hare!  I can’t tell if he is about to beat someone up or run off at high speed!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, did you get to see the Supermoon which was red and eclipsed?  We had a dense cloud cover here so missed the whole thing.  I had a peek outside around 11pm and the moon was almost out of the eclipse and shining brightly down on us.


  1. A mitten-shaped eggplant, amazing! St Louis seems to have a lot of beautiful deco buildings, I’d love to visit one day. I love that old house. It looks like it’s just waiting for the right owner to give it a new lease on life. x

    • The eggplant is dangling precariously close to the ground now so I hope the furry friends leave it alone. I might pick it this week, I think it is big enough. I would love to see inside that house!

  2. i was thinking the same thing.. mitten.
    the old house would be a cool fixer-upper. it could really be quaint.
    didn’t see the blood moon it’s been super bright though and that’s been cool in itself.

    • There are lots of houses like that one in our neighborhood, but I think this one is old through and through, I bet the inside is great (or grotty!).

  3. Only just had a chance to pop across….oh, that house looks delightful! I bet it has a wonderful garden space at the back, too….love how shiny growing aubergines are! I thought the last sculpture was Puck! But, yes, a kickboxing Puck! We didn’t get to see the super moon, either: too many clouds 😦 Hope you’re having a great week! Helen

    • I like the shiny skin of aubergines and I am so happy that there is a recipe on A Beautiful Mess for veggie meatballs which use aubergine! I wonder if anyone in our house will like them?! The hare sculpture certainly has some naughty Puck about him!

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