Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday #41. Number 8.

TTLT 41 Number 8 I love a spot of vintage and I have had these fab ‘Phonics Key Cards’ from the 1950’s for a while now, waiting for the perfect use for them.
This one is number 8 so it fits the prompt nicely and they have such lovely graphics.  I wonder what the extra pencil symbols at the top right are?  Shorthand?  Secret code?  I don’t know, do you?


  1. The scribbles almost remind of a toddler’s gentle strokes (as opposed to their aggressive, destructive ones)! I really like this against the background.

    And look! I just got all caught up!!!

    • I am so proud! I saw a shorthand book at the weekend and I think the adult was practicing shorthand as the kid learnt their words!

    • Yes, I am sure they are shorthand, I came across a book at a flea market this weekend which a shorthand manual and the script was all like this. There are 78 cards in total which would be great framed, I would need a big wall though!

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