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‘I like’ Friday, a colouring sheet for you.




I recently drew and printed out some colouring in postcards to send to friends and family across the globe as a little happy mail with bonus colouring if they fancied it.

What I hadn’t done, is colour one in myself.  I drew them and traced them and made sure all the lines were where they should be, but I never added any colour.  Until now that is.

I decided that I would explore a few different ways to colour the same sheet.

What do you like to colour with?  I know pencil crayons are a top choice, but I don’t like to colour with them as much as I like to draw with them.

For the top two cards I used brush pens for the colour and I did some extra drawing and patterns on the yellow card with a Micron pen.

Watercolour paints is maybe not the first choice for a coloring page, but these are post cards and printed on card-stock, so they put up with a layer of water colour just fine.  Maybe I should print some cards on watercolour and really go to town with the paints and water!

Happy Day card

Happy Day Printable

If you would like to print and colour your own ‘Happy Day’, click on the above image for a printable.


Happy Friday x


  1. So pretty Clare! I found your last colouring in page half coloured in my box of creative things last week – I meant to finish it then send you an image. It will happen one day. Love your illustrations xx

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