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July ten on the 10th

As usual (it seems!), it is raining on the morning of ten on the 10th. At least it is cooler that way, so no complaints here.

Following some thunderous storms in the early hours, it was still raining when we planned to set off to see Despicable Me 2 at the cinema.  So, we grabbed the umberellas, stopped on the way for illegal snacks (how much are cinema sweets?  Too much, I tell you!) and off we went.

20130710-181435.jpgI got a funny poster picture of a minion from the movie theatre which also fitted today’s photo a day challenge theme which was ‘Smooth’.  He he.
20130710-181521.jpg Space man toy.

20130710-181629.jpgMy button tin, just some of my vintage buttons which I love to use in jewelry but I am often unwilling to part with them!

20130710-181701.jpg Button bracelets, made with the aforementioned buttons.  I wear these two, but I am planning to make some to sell, if I can stop myself from claiming them as mine!

20130710-181729.jpgDuring the summer, we usually end up at the YMCA pool every day for an hour or so.

20130710-181812.jpgI do like the pool colours and mosaic signs.  I remember when both of my boys thought this end was deep too!

20130710-181912.jpgThe spaceman dude through my sunnies.

20130710-181940.jpgMy boys have re-discovered their soldier guys!

20130710-182003.jpg The Enormous Turnip!

20130710-182032.jpg Beetroot from the garden ready for my salad!

A very nice summer day!  It wasn’t as hot as I thought it was going to be and the rain stopped falling on our heads.


  1. That’s just a great group of photos, is all. I’m impressed with your gardening- we are attempting to grow tomatoes, and I keep forgetting to actually use our basil…. How was the movie?

  2. Bah! I see a little yellow butt. I just wrote a big comment and it got swallowed up by WordPress, so I’ll give you some highlights: gardening= good. Summer= hot. Like= toy photos and buttons.

    • Naughty WordPress! Thanks for the lovely comments. I don’t have any luck with tomatoes as the bunnies eat them all. Basil is good, you can also freeze it chopped and frozen in water (ice cubes) or in olive oil (mixed to make little blobs which you can freeze on a plate).
      The movie was good, but my favourite line ever was in the first one – ‘It’s so fluffy’ yelled by little Agnes nearly made me pee! The second was worth a watch though.

  3. I attempted to be regularly a 10 on 10 gal and only did it the one time (so me). I think it’s a great thing to do.

    I really love your local pool. The tiling is awesome!


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