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Weekly Photos 18/52







1. Monday walk in the woods.  We came across this patch of green undergrowth virtually glowing in the light of the day.  Isn’t it funny how you can pass the same thing regularly, but just the right moment of sunlight can make it pop out at you.

2. My neighbor has these glorious columbine flowers growing in her garden.

3. Another walk and another light filled path in the woods.

4 & 5 This week among the regular jobs, I had to make a purple jacket for a 12″ figure as part of a High School art project.  Here GI Joe is modeling the final look. I hope it fits the actual figure it is meant for.

This week I have a teen birthday to plan – jelly and ice cream anyone?! and a blog conference to prepare for.   The conference is here in St Louis and hosted by Go Blog Social.

I am pretty rubbish at conferences, so I need to channel my best attendance preparation. What to wear, what to take, what time to leave (it is local which is a wonderful thing) and how many business cards (I am taking coloring post cards) to take?

Are you a good networker and socializer?  I am not, so I either need to take a book for breaks or plan to be braver! Any tips?! Having said that, I am very much looking forward to it and I shall tell you how it went.

Happy Monday x


  1. I love the purple coat! And the dappled light on the path is beautiful! I am not the bravest of socialisers but I think bloggy people are usually pretty friendly so that makes it easier to break away from standing alone in the corner!

    • Thanks! The coat looks great on ‘Joker’ which was the art piece it was destined for. I am sure the conference will be great, it helps that it is where I live I think.

  2. Good luck, I agree with Carolyn about the friendliness of ‘bloggy’ people ! & I definitely wouldn’t take a book…nor stand in the corner, you’re far too creative for that! Have a wonderful time.

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