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Get Messy Art Journaling. Season of Lists, week 5.




I have not been very prolific in the art journaling department this week, my time has been sucked into a new crochet project.  My ongoing granny square blanket is coming along very nicely, but it has grown too big to travel with, so I decided in my wisdom that I needed to start new blanket which would be small enough (to start with) to take on holiday with me and crochet like a mad old lady on the plane and at the beach! I am no sitting on the beach girl, I have the attention span of a toddler, so I need something to do, like crochet.

I found the perfect blanket recipe at Meet Me At Mikes and after three goes and one yarn change, I finally got going with it and my ‘cheery wave’ blanket will help entertain me on our two week trip to Cape Cod in a few weeks.

Anyway back to the Get Messy Art Journaling!  I managed one official prompt which is the ‘I am made of’ page and I made a page using a magazine picture which is something I am always working on.  I didn’t like the clothes on this lady, so I gave her a new dress, something for her green forest page.

I made a stencil for the ‘I am made of’ page and simply stenciled over a face I drew a while ago and stamped in my ‘list’.

This week I have ended up with a very full page with lots of layers and a simple page with only three elements and I am pleased with them both.


Happy Thursday x



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