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Weekly Photos 17/52.






1. I spotted these pretty little flowers growing underneath the big umbrella shaped leaves of their host plant.  Even the light under the plants was slightly green.

2. Dog walking selfie!

3. The clay is almost done.  Some of the beads and pendants need to be glazed some more, but I love my mountain pendant.

4. I snagged a pile of National Geographic magazines from the free box at the library this weekend.

5. May Day flowers given to us from our fabulous neighbours. The USA doesn’t really  seem to celebrate May Day, but I remember skipping around the maypole when I was a kid in the UK and having the day off for May Day bank holiday.

Happy Monday/May Day Bank Holiday!


  1. I’ve been waiting on your beads ever so patiently! Turned out great! YEAH!
    *PS Thank you for the postcard! Things have been in such a state here. It came while we were away. I love it!

    • I am pleased with the beads, I need to visit the school art room tomorrow to reglaze and glaze the rest of the beads. I hope they all turn out!

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