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Photo a Day September 2014

In my Cup

1.  In my cup.  Soft serve and sprinkles, the best!


2.  Stripes.  My phone case is a toddler mitten!  It works very well.


3.  Button.  Lucky Day pearl button.


4. DIY.  I bought this necklace from Goodwill to DIY into something else, but decided to keep it as it is, I like it so much.

Upside Down

5.  Upside Down.  I am sure I thought this was a very good idea at the time.  #worstselfieideaever

I need...

6. I need….  the weather to cool down so that I can wear my boots!


7.  Father.


8.  Broken.


9.  Orange.  First Autumn leaves are falling.


10.  Repetition.  Mushroom gills.

How I Feel Today

11.  How I Feel Today.  Like a reflection in a dark window.  Nice buttons though!


12.  Spring/Fall.  Autumn treasures.

Out of Place

13.  Out of Place.  The cookie was supposed to be the ‘out of place’ object, but I think my shoes are more out of place!


14.  Healthy.  Farm stand watermelons for sale.


15.  Remember.  The lovely sunflower is now turning to birdseed.  Still cool.

I don't like

16.  I don’t like.  Trying to figure out how much thread I will need and I keep getting it wrong!


17.  Key.


18. Person.  I am the type of person who pulls a Target cart out of the creek.  It was very heavy!


19.  Even.  Trying to get the pretzel rolls even in size never works!


20.  Beginning.  The start of the parade.

Fave Word

21.  Fave Word.


22. Crisp.


23.  Triangle.


24.  Loud.  This vintage travel case is pretty loud!


25.  Angle.  Some good angles on the YMCA.


26.  Best.  The best mushrooms I have seen in a while.


27.  Celebration.  A celebration of colour.  Gathered from yard sales and estate sales this weekend.


28.  Game.  I picked up these vintage jacks at an estate sale.  Do you know how to play?  I don’t!  I intend to find out though.


29.  Wish.  I wished for the boots I ordered with these smashing socks.  I love the socks, but returned the boots.  The hunt continues for a new pair of boots.

Where I'm From

30.  Where I’m From.  This photo is from a village gala fancy dress parade in the village I grew up in.  1981 in all it’s slightly out of focus glory.  I am the tomato!  Ha.

October is here and Photo a Day continues on it’s merry way.  Pop over to Fat Mum Slim for the October list and tips, if you fancy joining in.





  1. Love your photos! I know how to play jacks. My grandmother showed me. You drop the jacks then bounce the ball and pick up one jack and catch the ball. Then you bounce it again and pick up two and keep increasing. If you mess up it is the other person’s turn.

    • We are going to find a bouncy ball this weekend and have a go! I remember playing jacks when I was little, and I loved it!

  2. I loved looking through all your photos for September and enjoyed how lots of them were close ups. It is fun isn’t it to see everyone’s different interpretations and from different parts of the world. Do you use your phone or camera? Good luck with October ones

    • I love photo a day round ups, just to see where everyone is. A lovely snapshot of life. I use my phone for the photo a day shots. Looking forward to October!

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