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Weekly photos 24/52 and Color/Colour Lovers Red

Second week of the summer and all is well.  The weather is getting hot and humid which means that the water balloons will most likely be deployed this week.

The lovely ladies of Hula Seventy and Xanthe Berkeley photography are hosting ‘Color/Colour Lovers’ the summer edition.  I joined in the winter project and it was amazing what you spot when you are looking for a specific colour!  Last week was red and here is what I found.  Of course you can’t have a red challenge and not visit the local fire house!  In fact all of these photos were taken locally.

Be sure to pop over the Xanthe and Andrea’s blogs to see their amazing photos.



imageIn other photo news, I snapped a few weekly photos too, which ironically all seem to be beige and green!  Apologies for the mushroom overload, but mama nature has been generous in the cool mushroom department this week. Next week there may be none (and I will be sad), so catch em while you can, that’s what I say.  I have no idea whether these are edible, but I am sure the bunnies and groundhogs will enjoy them.

We made s’mores on the fire pit which is always a summer highlight!  Especially when they are whopping double s’mores like these!






1. Mushrooms.

2. Giant mushroom with a dragonfly.

3. White flowers on a pink fence.

4. Mushrooms marching across the grass.

5. Double whopper s’more (or are they called s’mores no matter how many there are…?  Not sure)

I am linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack for her weekly still collection.

Here’s looking forward to a great week, hope yours is a good one.





  1. Those mushrooms are so mushy! And I see a yucca in there. No mushrooms here. I think they come in late summer here. Great photos!

    • Thanks Ann, I am sure mushrooms don’t usually appear here until almost the fall. I like to see them though!

  2. Wow what is in the biscuit? I’m not sure what s’mores are. The eyes say it all. I love the dragonfly on the mushroom, such a good capture. The red collection is beautiful. Jo xx

    • Thanks Jo, I couldn’t believe my eyes when the dragonfly didn’t fly off, I just kept snapping closer and closer too see how near I could get! A s’more is two Graham crackers (a wheaty biscuit like a square digestive I suppose) with a toasted marshmallow (or two) and squares of chocolate inside. We roast the marshmallows over the fire pit or BBQ and squish them in the ‘sandwich’ while they are hot and gooey. Clare x

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