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Weekly Photos 44/52

1. Seed pods gathered while out on a walk in the neighborhood. 2. I have spotted some beautiful mushrooms this week! 3. Some beads I have pulled out of my collection to make into bracelets. 4.  This mushroom has been nibbled but look at the gorgeous colours inside. 5. The lights for  ‘Winter Wonderland’ are being set up amid the autumn leaves at a local park. 6. These crunchy seeds are crowding in the setting sun. At last Autumn is here, chilly mornings and nights with sunny days.  Changing the clocks might take a week to get used to, but I have to say that I rather like the darker evenings, especially with soup and fresh bread for dinner. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 42/52

  1. Teeny tiny mushrooms. 2. The trees are starting to turn into their autumnal colours, this one glows yellow in the sunshine. 3. A gingko tree on our street which I processed with the Diptic app to change the colours. 4. I snapped these buildings in Alton IL, with a view to sketching them. 5. Welcome to Alton.  Thank you very much! 6. Night deposit. 7. A hill climb view. The temperatures this week have reached 90 degrees and cooled to the 40’s, so all the clothes have been worn! I think we have settled now on warm days in the 70’s and cooler nights, but who knows, next week we could have hot weather or snow! Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 31/52.

  The end of the summer holidays is upon us, this week we have all the school registrations and supplies to check.  The weather is cooling slightly and the mornings and evenings are much more pleasant especially when the dog needs a walk and Pokemon need to be gathered! 1. Mushroom spotting this week, this pink one has the best gills! 2-4. Ted Drewes trip this weekend.  A St Louis institution and this is the first time we have been!  We won’t leave it so long before we return. 5. More mushroom goodness.  I just love the textures on these little fungi. Have a lovely week. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 29/52

Lots of poppies and mushrooms in my world at the moment. The poppies were a happy surprise as I thought they were all done, but no, some lovely ruffled petals bloomed in the sunshine. Although it has been a hot hot week, there is still enough damp in the woods to produce a new mushroom or two. There was a funny little crop of mushrooms all jostling for growing space. We have been clearing the honeysuckle from around the shed and found this sign written by the boys and their friends years ago. An arrow pointing round the corner and the words ‘Hide Out’. They all wrote their names under it! Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 16/52

Phew, another hot week here in the Mid West! I haven’t seen many mushrooms this spring but these caught my eye.  I think they look like cookies! A few natural bits and bobs gathered on one of my many walks with the dog. The 100 day project started this week and I have managed to alter a playing card every day so far.  Someone picks me a card out of the box and I art it up! We had field day at school on Friday, it was a lovely sunny day and the kids all had a great day. The adventures of the clay beads continues, this week I glazed them.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out. We had a peek at the full moon on Friday when it was high in the night sky.   I hope you had a lovely week and another lovely one ahead. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 29/52.

1. We bought Kerplunk this week! I had forgotten how much fun it is to play and it is a nice reminder for the kids that humans are as much fun to play with as computers… 2. Homemade butter is science in the kitchen. Get some cream and whip it through various stages of thin, thick, lumpy and separated until you are squeezing buttermilk out of your very own homemade butter. We used some buttermilk in cupcakes and I put the rest in an ice cube tray and popped it in the freezer for future cupcakes. 3. Over the weekend we saw the ‘Lost Buildings of St Louis’ exhibit at the Missouri History Museum. I love looking at historic buildings and these photos were no disappointment. It is a shame they are no longer standing, but I am pleased someone took photos of them for us to see now. 4. Mushrooms are starting to appear in the humid, damp woods. These are teeny tiny ones, but I don’t know which variety they are. I hope …

Weekly Photos 37/52.

Last week we saw sun and rain and a flooded park as well as mushrooms and a day out!  Did you have a good week?  I hope so!   1.  I made some new earrings for my CatsEatDogs shop over on Etsy.  I like this style because they are dramatic without being over the top and lightweight to wear. 2.  Lovely Hydrangeas with a dewy glaze. 3.  Mushrooms! 4.  On Wednesday it rained and rained and on the way to gymnastics we had to detour around the park because the creek had flooded up and over onto the park and path.  It was cool to see, but the water was flowing pretty fast, so we made no attempt to wade through it. 5.  The next day the creek had receded back to normal levels, so we popped on the wellies and went exploring.  The creek bed was very different following the storm, new deeper parts, more rocks revealed and new things to find.  We rescued the American flag from the side of the creek and …

Weekly Photos 36/52.

At last the weather has cooled off a little and the mornings are almost chilly and damp.  This means that we are seeing lots of turtles in the woods and lots and lots of mushrooms!  I am still pulling a handful of cherry tomatoes off the vines every day and my chili plants have started to flower, but I am not sure I will have the pleasure of any chilies now that it has turned a bit more, chilly (!).                 1.  Some rather lovely clouds, look how the lower ones have flat bottoms, like they are resting on some invisible shelf. 2.  Little mushrooms with dewy stalks. 3.  Street outlets. 4.  A gaggle of mushrooms. 5.  Sunset and party lights. 6.  The gaggle the next day. 7.  A local furniture store. I hope you had a lovely week and that the week ahead is going well.        

August Break 25-31 and Weekly photos 35/52.

Last week saw the end of The August Break for 2014, Susannah always comes up with interesting prompts and tips and techniques which is a great bonus.  So here are the grand finale photos, until next year. 25.  Little. 26.  Morning.   27.  Lines. 28.  Something New.  A batch of new beads to play with! 29.  Nature. 30.  Soft.   Another hot week here in St Louis, hopefully now that we have entered September the weather will start to cool off a little.  I am ready for all things Autumn – pumpkins, apples, cinnamon and everything they can be put in! Here are a few snaps from last week.   1.  My mushroom obsession continues! 2.  The local library had a tie craft event, it was a big success and the kids all made cool shirts.  I had a go at Japanese Shibori dyeing, and I want to do more and when I do, I will be sure to share. 3. & 4. Vintage doll carry boxes in an antique mall. Have a lovely week! …