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Weekly Photos 37/52.

Last week we saw sun and rain and a flooded park as well as mushrooms and a day out!  Did you have a good week?  I hope so!

CatsEatDogs earrings









1.  I made some new earrings for my CatsEatDogs shop over on Etsy.  I like this style because they are dramatic without being over the top and lightweight to wear.

2.  Lovely Hydrangeas with a dewy glaze.

3.  Mushrooms!

4.  On Wednesday it rained and rained and on the way to gymnastics we had to detour around the park because the creek had flooded up and over onto the park and path.  It was cool to see, but the water was flowing pretty fast, so we made no attempt to wade through it.

5.  The next day the creek had receded back to normal levels, so we popped on the wellies and went exploring.  The creek bed was very different following the storm, new deeper parts, more rocks revealed and new things to find.  We rescued the American flag from the side of the creek and I found a little pot which was all in one piece. The pot is  exactly the same as one I have found here before which was strange and amazing to think that in all of that flowing water a pot was left which matches the one I have already found in the same creek.

6.  At the weekend we went on a day trip to Hermann which is an originally German town west of St Louis and surrounded by vineyards and wineries.  This is a shop window I liked.

7.  Hermann Star Mills and clouds.

8.  On the way home we spotted a Watermelon farm stand so we picked a ginormous watermelon for $3!  We had to cut it up and donate some to our neighbours before it would even go in the fridge!

A good week was had and here is looking forward to the week ahead.

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