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Weekly Photos 16/52







Phew, another hot week here in the Mid West!

  1. I haven’t seen many mushrooms this spring but these caught my eye.  I think they look like cookies!
  2. A few natural bits and bobs gathered on one of my many walks with the dog.
  3. The 100 day project started this week and I have managed to alter a playing card every day so far.  Someone picks me a card out of the box and I art it up!
  4. We had field day at school on Friday, it was a lovely sunny day and the kids all had a great day.
  5. The adventures of the clay beads continues, this week I glazed them.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out.
  6. We had a peek at the full moon on Friday when it was high in the night sky.


I hope you had a lovely week and another lovely one ahead.

Happy Monday x



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