Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Six word SaturdaySix word Saturday this week is combined with the August Break prompt ‘In My Bag’.  Blimey, my bag is full of all sorts of nonsense!  I found –

Reusable bag bag, I used the bag in Target this morning and only the little bag to hold the bag is in my bag (……..)

2 toy traffic cones


My phone case/toddler’s mitten

2 solid perfumes, green tea and rose

A toy budgie

A Lego Olympic archer

2 Dr Who characters

Creme Brulee lip balm

2 pens, blue and purple

Doodle book

Strawberry Fields Tic Tacs

Camper Van toy from Cars (Filmore I think)

Pom pom caterpillar which used to hang on my bag, but fell off.

Starbucks free song cards

Game cards from British jelly snacks

Stick (!)

Orange robot

Burts Bees cuticle cream

Zoltar card from Coney Island

3 lip sticks/balms

2 Winnie the Pooh tiny toys

Toy goldfish

Crystal arrowhead waiting to be put back on a necklace

Vintage wooden beads

Plus a half pack of tissues, various receipts, a few pennies and my iPhone (not pictured)

What is in your bag?  Do you carry as much entertainment around as I do?!!





  1. It is true what they say – the contents of a bag really does provide a window to someone’s life.
    My bag has been totally revolutionised by my travelling life. I use to carry a huge handbag around. But, it just got too much. So now, I carry my camera bag everywhere with me instead of a handbag and it has this in it: Camera, phone, wallet, keys, tissues, sunglasses. That’s it. 6 things. Not one more thing can fit in the space and it’s just the right weight for carrying everywhere (including on impromptu long walks).
    I don’t know what I’m going to do when I settle down again. I’d feel like a bit of a dill walking around with a camera bag instead of a handbag if I was living my real everyday life… 🙂

    • I can just about fit enough in my camera bag for a walk too. My bag isn’t heavy or big, it is just full of crazy stuff! Mainly because the boys will give me stuff to ‘look after’ and it just takes up residence in there. I think carrying a camera bag around in ‘real’ life is a fine idea, you get some cool camera bags now too.

  2. What an awesome collection-love all those bits and pieces. Hmmm I haven’t cleaned out my bag for awhile-a scary thought. My friend used to call my bag “your anchor” because it was so heavy-all important things though as you know 😉

    • Some of these things have been in that bag for years! I think my bag is an entertainment system which doesn’t plug in!

  3. What an intriguing mix of things – the magpie in me wants to delve into it all. I particularly like the ‘Voltar Speaks’ card – I so want that for my scrapbook! 🙂

    • It is a fun time bag!!! Most of it got put in there for ‘safe keeping’ and hasn’t left! I got that Zoltar card when I went to New York last year and it has been there since!

  4. Isn’t it crazy the amount of stuff that we carry about! I am going to do might give me an incentive in the future to keep it a bit neater LOL.
    PS I have a Zoltar card in my wallet!

    • I love your post Karen! Sedimentary bag layers – I love it! Mine certainly has those, I just left out the crumbs on my list! Your compact is super pretty by the way. I suspect that the toys will stay forever and may even get transferred when I get a new bag.

    • Ha Lila, you never know when you might need something to entertain yourself with, what better than a bag of toys!

  5. Jacquie says

    Oooh this is a good one! I just switched my bags over on the weekend – I’ve unfortunately had to up-size so I can actually fit everything I “need” but I’m constantly wondering how I can minimise the stuff I take with me. I’m pretty sure no one needs a pair of fold-up scissors and a measuring tape in their bag at all times…

    • I think a measuring tape is a great bag item! I am sure I could make do with my purse, keys, phone and a lip balm, but who wants an empty bag?!

  6. Hahaa, I love these posts, so much insight into a woman from the contents of her handbag. Lots of interesting bits and bobs for interesting times on the go. Love the solid perfumes too!

    • What would we be without our bits and bobs Tracey! Those solid perfumes are great, especially for travelling.

  7. My current bag is my nappy bag. So apart from the changing essentials there is always an array of snacks, to suit Immy’s hims. A handful of toys for lil Cal. Some Lucas papaw (an institution here) it cures cuts, animal bites, nappy rash and is an ace lip balm. A just in case of aunt flo arriving again pack (still bf and seven months on all clear but who knows). Hats for all occasions, sunscreen and a change of clothes for the little man. I should really carry an extra set of clothes for me after all the mega poo stories I’ve been hearing. One day I will have a handbag again. xx

    • Ohh I am going to look up Lucas Pawpaw, I am sadly addicted to lip balms! Ha ha, I don’t like the sound of mega poo!

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