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One + Four = Life. Week 14/52.

Magnolia Flower
Chili plants
Vintage car
Tree Blossoms
1. I like the back of the giant flowers from the Magnolia tree better than the front.
2. My chili plants are all starting to sprout.
3. Vintage car under renovation.
4. The trees on our tree are in full beautiful blossom.

I am linking up with the lovely Pip at Meet me at Mikes for this week’s ‘One+Four=Life’ photo quartet.


  1. Gorgeous photos, Clare! Such vibrant colors. How I love a photo walk about in spring! Is the vintage car something a loved one is restoring or just something you happened by?

    • Thanks Stephanie, the car is at a garage nearby where they seem to specialise in restoration. They sometimes have some very cool cars there!

  2. Beautiful photos…stunning….so glad I clicked through from Pip’s 1+4 (I’m another Brita abroad…not quite so happily abroad as you seem to be, but away from Blighty still)…..

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