Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday 32. Love.

Through the Lens #32

I was wondering what to photo for this week’s prompt, ‘Love’ is a pretty open one don’t you think?  I really had no idea when I got up this morning with the rain pouring down outside,  what I would photo.

I peeked out the back door to see how the garden was looking and to check on the tomatoes, making sure that the local wildlife hasn’t had more than it’s fair share.  Groundhogs and squirrels I am looking at you.

As I was looking into the lovely watering rain, I noticed this little puddle at the bottom of the steps.  The ground has been de-grassed from a summer of slip n sliding and this area always forms a mini pond in the rain.  Today the water had soaked into the ground just enough to leave me a heart shaped puddle.  How totally cool is this!  I grabbed my camera and here we are – Love in the rain.

‘Through the Lens Thursday’ is a photo improvement project which runs all year, hosted by Writing Wishing and Gfunkified blogs.



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