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A Day Out at Delmar Loop and Rocket Fizz

Throughout the summer break we have been out and about in the local area and this week was no exception.  It is sometimes a challenge to find something that both boys want to do now they are 9 and 13 years old, but a trip to the Delmar Loop including Rocket Fizz was something everyone agreed on.

We caught the Metro Link train over there in the morning to try and beat the heat a little.  This didn’t work as the humidity was already making the air thick and hot, but we had a candy and soda shop to visit, so no-one cared about being too hot (okay, I might have moaned a little bit).

On the way along the Loop we passed a few cool signs, so I had to take a couple of snaps!  I love the peacock sign and the man soaring into the sky in his fancy tuxedo was a must!

Delmar Loop

Delmar Loop

We headed into Rocket Fizz and I for one was happy for a spot of air conditioning!  It was ‘Taste Test Tuesday’ when we were there which meant that the boys could try ten different sodas and, keep a bottle of one of them and keep the plastic shot glass they used to ‘taste’ with all for $5.00.  The testing was a fun few minutes and each soda was introduced by the staff member who was dishing them out.

Rocket Fizz, Delmar Loop, STL

Yes, I know, that is Iron Bru in the middle of the soda shelves!  I used to love Iron Bru when I lived in the UK.  Rocket Fizz has lots of US candy and soda of course, but they also stock candy from the UK and Japan.  I spotted Galaxy, Dairy Milk and Smarties as well as Hello Kitty seaweed!

Soda flavours range from Lemonade to Strawberry via Chocolate, Gingerbread and Bacon flavours.  I am not sure I like the idea of bacon soda to be honest.  Here is a down to earth energy drink in the form of Popeyes Energy drink, shame there was no spinach flavour….

Rocket Fizz

As well as all of the packaged candy Rocket Fizz has a Saltwater Taffy wall and it runs right down the length of the shop!  Fill a bag, and they want you to FILL that bag for $5.99 or $7.99 depending on the bag size.  We got sent back to the Taffy wall to put more in our bag!!

Rocket Fizz

Rocket Fizz

We will be jumping on the train again in the near future I am sure to pay another visit to Rocket Fizz!

One of my favourite type of shops is art supply shops, so while we were on the Loop, we nipped across the road to Dick Blick art shop so I could get a new Sumi brush, some paint and a lovely new sketchbook.  I like these Magma sketchbooks with three bookmarks and numbered pages, there is even a calendar on the first pages.  Handy!  There is even a Magma ‘fashion’ sketchbook which has silhouettes on various (not all) pages.  I might get one next time I am at Dick Blicks, might be handy for jewelry sketches.  I am a little bit obsessed with sketchbooks, I really do love them!


Everyone was happy after a noodle lunch and off we went home chewing on Taffy in random flavours no-one could remember what they were!

I hope you are having a lovely week.


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    • Naomi, it was a great shop, we were surprisingly restrained! I love the old signs of America.

  1. Those signs! Shame we don’t see much of that sort of thing here in Australia anymore. And how awesome is that candy shop .. My kids would be in heaven!

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