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The August Break 2014

I am joining in with Susannah Conway’s August Break this year and taking daily shots following her prompts and tips.  I must say that I am enjoying the e mails she sends out every day immensely, some are photos and tips from Susannah and some are guest tipsters like the wonderful Xanthe Berkeley.  Lots of ideas, inspiration and creativity going on!

So, for the month of August, I will be sharing the week’s ‘Break’ photos on a Monday.  I am keeping my phone or camera handy and my eyes open this month hoping to get some great end of summer pics!

Here are days 1 – 3.

image1.  Lunch.  Jimmy Johns delivery sandwich while I have a quick peek at Oh Comely magazine.


image2.  Pattern.



3.  Window. I found this learning French book and I love the illustrations in it.  It was published in the 1960’s and so colourful and ace!

I am looking forward to finding cool stuff through August and getting lots of ideas.

Happy week to you!





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