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‘I like’ Fridays. Yoga Special



I like Yoga

This week I am going to dedicate ‘I like’ Friday’s post to yoga, because I like yoga.

I really shouldn’t like it because I am more of a cardio kinda gal who doesn’t feel like the exercise was even worth it unless I am sweaty and stinky by the end.

This is probably why after all these years I am still terrible at yoga.

I always need to pee about half way through the class. Really badly. By the last ‘corpse’ pose, you know the one where you are suppose to relax (not nap) and let thoughts come and then go. The very same pose where I decide which bathroom is nearest and whether I have the ingredients to make a green chili tonight (just down the corridor and yes, in case you are interested).

My hips complain and creak even when we sit in Easy pose, sitting legs crossed is neither comfortable nor easy for my cranky hips. No amount of folded blankets help either, unless I am encased in them, that might work…

I still snort with suppressed giggles every time I spring out of Eagle pose. I can get my legs twisted like a vine on a tree, and my arms too, just not all together and don’t even ask me to do any moving up and down. Unless you mean move onto the floor in an ungainly heap, I could manage that just fine.

It is always me who ends up facing the opposite way to everyone else and I find myself awkwardly avoiding staring into my neighbour’s eyeballs.  I must be left and right challenged, that or I am just not paying attention as I am far too busy trying to persuade my crunchy limbs to do as they are damn well told.

So why do I insist on attending my lovely yoga class where the instructor squirts lavender and orange into the air and arranges little piles of fairy lights, carefully arranged at any convenient outlet? Well, I suppose I just like it!

Do you do stuff because you like it, even though you aren’t that great at it and never seem to improve?

You never know, one day I might manage ‘easy’ sitting pose without grimacing and I might twist into Eagle and move my arms up and down without springing out like an elastic waistband which just lost it’s elastic.

I am not holding my breath.

Inhale and relax…..

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    • You must be a good Yoga person, my post yoga feeling is back ache from laying on a hard floor on a thin mat…..!

  1. I would love to do a yoga class with you Clare but I fear we would be collapsed in a heap of giggles 5 minutes in. I always end up facing the wrong way too. I have one hip that as no resistance at all. Just flops all over the shop, and makes pigeon pose a breeze-the other-NO WAY. But it is lovely isn’t it and if you like it, then that’s all that matters.

  2. Oh Clare! I love yoga. I rarely need to pee through it but I do often need to fart!!! Sorry if that is too much information!!! I haven’t been for absolute ages and my creaky old hips are feeling the pain – I am in desperate need of some swan poses. As for corpse pose – you will generally hear me snoring through that one!

    • Ha, always the farting and clenching! That is me in every class, must be the squishing of our insides as we contort and all the gas gets pushed out!!! I find corpse pose really uncomfortable, so no napping for me, just wondering when I can get out of it and stop pretending I am all relaxed.

  3. i started my fickle love affair with yoga when i was pregnant with my first child who is now 29. geeeze that’s a long time to be at something and get very few poses dead on… well maybe corpse i do pretty well!

    i too am a cardio gal. hiking is my thing but that can also be a love hate thing… too hot, too cold, bugs, mud, ice…
    i have to move either way. must keep moving.
    so yeah for yoga!

    • Good mantra – keep moving! I need to get out and do something every day, I hate being inside all day. I bet hiking around where you live is lovely.

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