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Thrifting on Cape Cod

Vintage Pelicans
It will come as no surprise to you that I actively sought out thrift and antique shops while we were on holiday in Cape Cod.
There is a plethora of church thrift shops over there which are great places to find some amazing stuff if you are willing to have a good root about, and I am willing!
From a church thrift shop in Chatham, I found a lovely little cup and saucer with the most delightful design. I feel inspired to draw lots of cute buildings every time I look at it. It is Danish, but I am not sure how old it is.
Danish cup and saucer
One of our favourite shops on the cape is Buddhas and Beads in Eastham and it was there that I can across a box of goodies which included these pelican key chains which are all ready to be mailed at the costly expense of a 4 cent stamp. I can’t find the pelicans online, but it appears that stamps were 4 cents in the late 1950’s.
On the other side of the mailing tag is the limerick ‘A curious bird is the pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can’, which I think was written by Ogen Nash originally. A pelican and a limerick through the post! How cool would that be in your mailbox!
Pelicans to mail
We also visited Wellfleet Flea Market early on Sunday morning which was a fun trip, the market is held in the Wellfleet Drive in Theatre and there are stalls selling everything from buoys to books.
I picked up a handful of vintage keychains with a view to making them into pendants. The orange necklace is from another Chatham church thrift shop and the Llangollen photos are from Harwich Antique Centre. I was drawn to the photos because Llangollen is where we would go on holiday when I was a kid.
Vintage finds
Of course I saw lots of buttons along the way, most of them plastic and not very attractive, but I couldn’t leave the bag of buttons I saw at Buddhas and Beads behind, a ‘pot luck bag’ for $5.00. There are some fab old buttons in there, including some teeny tiny mother of pearl buttons which are so pretty.
Vintage buttons
Some great treasures found on Cape Cod.
See you tomorrow for Through The Lens Thursday.


  1. That tea cup is precious! How nice that it inspires your drawing. Too funy about the pelicans and I can’t resist buttons either. 🙂

    • The tea cup is so small and lovely, I feel I need to research it a bit. The pelicans are hilarious aren’t they, I can’t imagine you could mail one now!

  2. I adore those pelicans that is just an awesome quirky find, the rest of the haul is awesome, but the pelicans have my heart.

    • I love the pelicans too Lila! Especially that they would have been mailed just as they are.

  3. Those key chains are adorable! And yay for buttons! Love me a good op/thrift shop button. I’m posting a similar post tomorrow, actually! I can’t get enough of op shopping/thrift shopping.

  4. Amazing finds Clare, and unfortunately I’m unoriginal and love the pelicans just like everyone else does! A pelican and a limerick through the post would be unbelievably cool! x

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