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Weekly Photos 2017. 23/52

Fancy a seat at the dock!  This was taken at Wellfleet harbor, I hope there are cold drinks in that cooler. I liked the colours of this boat. Baker’s hardware store in South Chatham, opened in 1950 and not much has changed!  It is a great shop, I bought two paintbrushes and a Stanley knife from there. The Goose Pond (minus any geese!) at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary.  It was a cold windy day but we braved the trails anyway, oh and it was raining!!  We still enjoyed the walks though. My boardwalk obsession continues, this one leading to the beach at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary. An old mailbox in Chatham. Playing silly buggers with filters at Chatham Lighthouse beach view-finders!  I used Hipstamatic for this photo. Sunset at Rock Harbor, Orleans. Red river beach in Harwichport has all the shells in the world, if you are looking for slipper shells you are in the right place here, there are carpets of them! Red river beach also has the whitest sand I have seen on Cape Cod. …

Weekly Photos 2017. 22/52

The end of the Sandwich boardwalk in Sandwich MA. Parnassus Book shop on Route 6A, Yarmouth, MA. This shop is amazing, books from floor to ceiling and nooks and crannies galore. Bass Hole boardwalk at Grays beach, Yarmouth MA. Fishing lure hanging out at Chatham Light beach. Nauset Beach, one of our favourite beaches on the Cape. My art desk on the deck! Gelli printing seaweed into my art journal and onto old atlas paper. Boats at Fort Hill in Eastham MA. This is how all general store windows should look! Wellfleet MA. I hope you had a great weekend, happy Monday x

‘I Like’ Friday. The Cape Cod Edition.

While here on the Cape I am finding lots to like! I have definitely been liking daily trips down to the beach which is a few minutes away. The weather has been everything and everywhere so the sea changes colour each time I visit. Today it is my favourite colour – Paynes grey. I always like to bake bread so why not on holiday?! We went to the local Barnes and Noble and stocked up on mags and I needed a new book so I grabbed ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’. Have you read it? Any good? I saw this book in a second hand shop and liked the look of it because it is chock full of butterfly plates. So when I spotted it in the local library (yes, I am the person who gets a library card while on holiday!) I happily checked it out. Inside the vintage atlas I picked up from the library’s free shelf. The map pages are nice thick paper and the index pages are thinner. I am liking …

Weekly Photos 2017. 21/52

1. Persimmon flowers picked up in the woods. 2. Vodka and cranberry on the plane. Heading to Cape Cod for our holiday! 3. Over the Sagamore bridge and onto the Cape. 4. Need a hand? Wellfleet flea market has a selection! 5. Flea market goodness. 6. My find of the day, over 700 vintage photos, underneath the speaker for the outdoor cinema. Wellfleet flea market is located on the same site as the drive-in cinema. 7. A beautiful head at Buddha and Beads in Eastham. 8. Chatham Marconi Maritime Center was open this weekend only so we popped in. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 23/52

1.Wood End lighthouse in Provincetown, MA. 2. Herring Cove Beach sculpture, Provincetown, MA. Apparantly if you touch this sculpture, you will be cursed.  Yikes, hands off! 3.Sunshine Beer at The Knack restaurant in Orleans, MA. 4.Horseshoe crab rescue on a morning beach walk. 5. I loved the look of this thrift shop, unfortunately they didn’t have anything I couldn’t live without. 6. Lifeguard stands at Corporation Beach, Dennis, MA. 7. The Atlantis research vessel at Woods Hole in Cape Cod. 8. Grumpy (toad) fish at Woods Hole Science Aquarium. 9. The ever growing beach shack at Chatham South beach. 10. The Chatham Inn had the DeLorean from Back to the Future for a week’s fundraiser.  Pretty cool. 11. The lovely fairy castle at Cape Cod Lavender Farm. 12. Godfrey’s Windmill and the Chatham Labyrinth with perfect blue skies. That wraps up my holiday snaps from our time in Cape Cod, now we are back in St Louis where it is a million degrees with skin bubbling sun and pea soup humidity! It is still good to be …

My Thrifted Finds on Cape Cod 2016

Thrifting on Cape Cod is great because most of the various churches here have a thrift shop. These vary in size to teeny tiny to a few rooms big. They are not to be judged by the size either, one of my favourite finds is from the smallest shop I have been to. At the weekend there are yard sales and flea markets too which in my opinion is where you get the best finds. These are some of the thrifting treasures I have found so far. 1. A party recipe book from the 1950’s and a how to draw animal book. The recipes are classic and bizarre like ‘meat loaf’ and then over the page is ‘rice with avocado sauce’. 2. Along with th animal and party books I also found a book from 1965 on how to grow and avocado from a pit. Very specialist this one! 3. At a yard sale I picked up this coffee mug and at another yard sale I spotted the brushes. They are not Van Gogh standard …

Weekly photos 22/52

There has been lots of fog while we have been on vacation in Cape Cod,  but it looks so cool!  One of our favourite places to visit is Monomoy Point Nature Reserve.  The dunes at Provincetown are a wonderful place to visit and get a serious leg workout climbing them! Can you see the chair at the top of this dune? I wanted to sit in it so badly! We spotted this shark on a disused lifeguard station. Looking for shells is always a winning activity.  A quick jaunt in Nickerson State Park. Looking out at one of the ponds at Nickerson State Park. Low tide at the beach nearest to where we are staying. More fog! Sitting on top of Doane Rock. Lookout viewing stations at Chatham Light Beach. A few snaps from our holidays so far. I have picked up a few bargains from the Cape thrift shops which I am hoping to share with you this week.  Happy Tuesday x

Weekly photos 21/52

1. This week saw the last days of the school year and fifth grade graduation. 2. The kids all got to choose an ice cream from the ice cream truck as part of graduation celebrations. 3. In the rain, lots of these flowers ended up scattered on the grass. 4. I picked some kale from the garden for salad. Home grown is the best! 5. On the plane to holidays in Cape Cod, the essential gin and tonic! 6. At low tide we spotted these sea fairy castles all over the beach. 7. I love to go to the library wherever we are, so I snapped a photo of the local library opening times. 8. Directions to an antique shop in Chatham MA. Have a lovely week. Happy Monday x

Thrifting on Cape Cod

It will come as no surprise to you that I actively sought out thrift and antique shops while we were on holiday in Cape Cod. There is a plethora of church thrift shops over there which are great places to find some amazing stuff if you are willing to have a good root about, and I am willing! From a church thrift shop in Chatham, I found a lovely little cup and saucer with the most delightful design. I feel inspired to draw lots of cute buildings every time I look at it. It is Danish, but I am not sure how old it is. One of our favourite shops on the cape is Buddhas and Beads in Eastham and it was there that I can across a box of goodies which included these pelican key chains which are all ready to be mailed at the costly expense of a 4 cent stamp. I can’t find the pelicans online, but it appears that stamps were 4 cents in the late 1950’s. On the other side …

One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 24/52

We are now home from our holiday in Cape Cod and it took about 15 minutes to settle in. I love coming home from holidays as much as going! Among the photos I took last week, there seemed to be a mini theme of signs, so I picked some to share for One+Four=Life. Lots of things seem to have been in place for the past 50 years with little change on Cape Cod, including lots of cool signs. I am still wondering what a P.X. restaurant is? Do you know? Do tell. The lifeguard stands were in a car park waiting to take up their post on the beach, I took this photo amid a thick sea mist. I hope you have a fun week ahead planned! Happy Monday x