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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 24/52

Shop Ahoy
Larry's PX
Chatham Farmers Market
Lifeguard stands
We are now home from our holiday in Cape Cod and it took about 15 minutes to settle in. I love coming home from holidays as much as going!
Among the photos I took last week, there seemed to be a mini theme of signs, so I picked some to share for One+Four=Life.
Lots of things seem to have been in place for the past 50 years with little change on Cape Cod, including lots of cool signs. I am still wondering what a P.X. restaurant is? Do you know? Do tell.
The lifeguard stands were in a car park waiting to take up their post on the beach, I took this photo amid a thick sea mist.
I hope you have a fun week ahead planned! Happy Monday x


  1. What a cool theme! I love how a collection of things can create a sense of place. I have always wanted to go to Cape Cod but haven’t made it yet –so now I’m off to look at your other photos and vacation vicariously. 🙂

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