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Through The Lens Thursday #24 Car

Through The Lens Thursday 24 Car
I have been on the look out for a good car shot all week and I have to say this is not my favourite photo of all time, but it is a car and not the rental mini van we have had all holiday!
I like the look of old beat up cars and trucks, but they are few and far between here on Cape Cod.
This was taken at Chatham airport and most likely belongs to someone who has just popped out for a jaunt in his (or her) private plane!
Next week is ‘tie’, so I am on the look out for tied things, or maybe a tie.
Happy Thursday!


  1. How gorgeous is that car! It looks like it is polished to an inch of its life. I love vintage cars and even though I am not a rev-head, I have been known to meander around vintage car shows on a sunny day x

    • It was a shiny one Karen! Later that same day I spotted some old junkers which are more my speed, but I am pleased I caught this one at the little airport.

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