One + Four = Life, Weekly Photos
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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 23/52.

Wellfleet Drive in theatre
South Chatham Library
Days Cottages Truro
Abandoned basketball court
Oopsie, I am a little late for the weekly foursome, but better late than never!
I have some photos from our holiday in Cape Cod for you this week.
1. Wellfleet Drive in cinema hosts a flea market at the weekends, so while we were bargain hunting, I snapped the audio and visual of the cinema.
2. This must be the tiniest library I have ever seen!
3. The famed ‘Days cottages’ on the beach at Truro.
4. We went to the closed Air Force Base at Truro which now houses the Highlands Centre. Most of the base is abandoned and cool to look around. This is one of the basketball courts all overgrown.
Have a fab Tuesday!


    • It was bigger inside than I expected and run by a very very old lady, just as I expected!

  1. I love the library. Open Tues and Fri 1-4pm. Very sweet. And the overgrown basketball court…what beautiful blue sky. Haven’t seen a sky like that in a long while! Thanks for keeping up the One + Four = Life posts! x

    • The library was teeny, but just shows, books must be squeezed wherever we can fit them! There were lots of big blue skies over Cape Cod while we were there. Yay!

  2. Love seeing the Cape through your eyes. It is fascinating how nature takes back (last photo). I hope you guys had a nice vaca despite the not so nice weather. ❤ Ann

    • We had all the weather the Cape could throw at us I think Ann! By the end of the two weeks, I was too hot!! We had a great time and I am still putting away laundry.

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