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I tried Surfset and I loved it!



Surfset is a brand new workout in my world and I couldn’t wait to try it.  Look, you just sit on a wobbly board and take photos in the mirror.  Easy peasy!  Not so much with the easy peasy, nor the camera for that matter!  This is an all over workout and is so much fun, you forget that your arms/core/legs are starting to ache!  I took this photo post class and here I am with legs as wobbly as the board that made them that way.



We are lucky enough to be getting a new studio opening here in snowy Brentwood in the new year which will also include TRX classes and Real Ryder cycle classes.  I am already a fan of TRX (straps which hang from the ceiling and provide a major core workout), but I am keen to try the new bikes which have moving handlebars which I may well fall right off!

Talking of falling off, I only fell off the board a couple of times while ‘surfing’, you soon get the hang of it.  Once my brain accepted the fact that I really didn’t need to wobble about like an amazing wobbly thing, I got on much better.  As with lots of workout routines, you get on way better once you stop thinking about it and get on with it.  The workout covers everything from cardio to stretch via strength all with a healthy dose of balance.


Oh look, there is me nearly falling off.  While seated! I told you those boards were wobbly.

I highly recommend Surfset, it worked my core, legs, arms and back all of which ache the day after my first class.  I can’t wait to get back on that board and ‘Hang 10’ (not even sure what that means to be honest…) again!

Check out Core 3 Fitness and give it a go!

Got a favourite workout?  Share in the comments.

Happy Tuesday!





  1. That looks FUN! I still love my dumb old treadmill running, and Yoga. I really want to try a barre class, because I love ballet, too and I feel like I’ll walk out of the class doubled over in pain and rubbing my butt because it’s so sore.

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