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Get Messy Art Journal. Season of Introspection. Week 2.





This week’s art journal pages are full of ink blots (I couldn’t stop!), colour, gelli plate prints, textured gesso and a little self reflection.

I am getting along well with my altered book, I am finding it a good size and the pages hold up to lots of media without too much objection.

Each of these pages pretty much made itself, in that I had no idea what I was going to do with them until I picked up my journal and got cracking.

The bottom ‘owl’ page started as a bright inkblot I made over a week ago and didn’t know what to add at the time, so I left it.  Today I added the owl, black gesso ink blots and some gold paint to mute the whole page.

The top page by contrast was never going to be an ink blot, I gessoed and added the lady, then a few days later made the black gesso ink blots.  After watching a tutorial from Carla Sonheim, I made the white gesso swirls, then I drew in some ink patterns.

I vaguely followed some of the prompts from the Get Messy Art Journal creatives, and I am grateful for them. Even though I only kind of followed them, the ideas and inspiration was enough to set me off on my way.

I hope you have had a creative day in whatever you are doing!

Happy Friday x

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  1. That is totally the purpose of the prompts too – take inspiration from them in whatever way works for you. Absolutely no need to take them literally. I love you pages this week.

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