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My Thrifted Finds on Cape Cod 2016

Thrifting on Cape Cod is great because most of the various churches here have a thrift shop. These vary in size to teeny tiny to a few rooms big. They are not to be judged by the size either, one of my favourite finds is from the smallest shop I have been to.

At the weekend there are yard sales and flea markets too which in my opinion is where you get the best finds.

These are some of the thrifting treasures I have found so far.

1. A party recipe book from the 1950’s and a how to draw animal book. The recipes are classic and bizarre like ‘meat loaf’ and then over the page is ‘rice with avocado sauce’.

2. Along with th animal and party books I also found a book from 1965 on how to grow and avocado from a pit. Very specialist this one!

3. At a yard sale I picked up this coffee mug and at another yard sale I spotted the brushes. They are not Van Gogh standard but handy for glue and painting backgrounds.

4. These postcards came from an antique mall so not really thrifting I suppose but I think they are fab. I love the laughing lady, she is hilarious!

5. My favourite find so far (from the tiny church shop) is this pale pink/salmon scarf. Is is so soft and a beautiful colour, all for $3.00.

6. I have a recipe box at home so these blank recipe cards will be perfect.

7&8 These books came from a church yard sale. They are all from the 1920’s and the open diary is completely filled in from 1928. I can hardly read the writing but I think it is a lovely find.

We have a few more days left and a couple of thrift shops which I still want to visit. Fingers crossed for treasures!

Happy Wednesday x

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  1. molly mead says

    Interesting. But I thought I was going to find a list of Cape Cod thrift shops and their locations. Disappointing,

  2. Gorgeous finds! I adore the cover to the Larousse & Curlytops books and the diary is very intriguing!!

  3. I am obsessed with hunting for treasures in thrift shops. You found some gorgeous books. Vintage recipes are so wonderful to read. Weird ways with avocado always feature and also recipes featuring brandy. Lovely.

  4. Anna Sublet says

    I love your finds! (I too put mine on grey deck boards and take pics of them.) The diary that is filled in is a fabulous object. Truly a treasure. The idea of the lives behind these objects is so fascinating. Your post has inspired me to try to write my own. (I will be sure to share with you when I finally get around to it!) My shops are mainly on a coastal peninsula in southern Victoria. Thanks for sharing your excitement about all your things, especially the fantastic old books.

  5. twenty and thrifty says

    Now I want to go to Cape Cod just for the thrifting!! Haha thanks for sharing.

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