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Get Messy Art Journal and sketchbook pages.

I brought my sketchbooks on holidays and am happy that I did because I have enjoyed doodling some patterns which I am sure I will use in the future.

I often plan with all good intentions and end up doing nothing I thought I would. This time I have enjoyed having my sketchbook to stick old pages in and practice my buoy sketches. 

For this season of Get Messy we are using a book as a sketchbook/art journal which is something I like to do anyway, so I am happy with that. I did have a false start though. The original book I was going to use had very thin pages and I knew I wouldn’t be sticking any together to work around this so I picked a new book. 

This one is the ‘avocado’ book which I picked up from a yard sale here on the Cape. There is a picture of the front cover in my last post. 

For the above page I used three different flower stamps and gave them a painted background and stalks.

This is the first page which I used the Get Messy prompt for and it is a place I have been sitting and contemplating while on holiday. The life guards are not in use yet but the stand is on the beach so I like to climb up for a sit down as I look out to sea. 

Carved into this stand is the hashtag #saveyourself which I think is pertinent advice whether swimming with no life guard or life in general. 

Whether in my art or in my life, I do like to get on with things myself and I am the last person who will ask for help. Maybe to the point of being stubborn. That is probably why when I read this I smiled a little wry smile as I quietly agreed with the person who carved the words. 

Where they being spiritual or practical? I don’t know, but these words work either way don’t they? 

I didn’t think I would manage much ‘introspection’ this Get Messy season, but would you look at that, a little introspection from me on the first go!

Happy journaling and sketching and happy Thursday x

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