'I like' Friday, Thrifting
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‘I Like’ Friday. The Cape Cod Edition.

While here on the Cape I am finding lots to like!

I have definitely been liking daily trips down to the beach which is a few minutes away. The weather has been everything and everywhere so the sea changes colour each time I visit. Today it is my favourite colour – Paynes grey.

I always like to bake bread so why not on holiday?!

We went to the local Barnes and Noble and stocked up on mags and I needed a new book so I grabbed ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’. Have you read it? Any good?

I saw this book in a second hand shop and liked the look of it because it is chock full of butterfly plates. So when I spotted it in the local library (yes, I am the person who gets a library card while on holiday!) I happily checked it out.

Inside the vintage atlas I picked up from the library’s free shelf. The map pages are nice thick paper and the index pages are thinner.

I am liking this atlas very much!

On a trip to the beach today I started to find beautiful, smooth shell shards and pieces. By the end of our walk, I had a bag full!

I hope you have had a Friday and a week full of things you like.

Happy Friday x


  1. Gorgeous finds! LOVE the butterfly book and I must get back into Flow. I find I can’t part with them though? #magazinehoarder

    I met the Editor of The Gentlewoman at an event last year but rarely see it in the shops. Such a cool aesthetic and formula. She was so inspiring as a speaker!

    • That butterfly book is gorgeous! I also keep all my Flow mags and I don’t even cut them up!! I must admit to buying The Gentlewoman in the past and I didn’t read it much, but I got stuck into this one and I love the writing.

  2. A hunt for magazines and books is always a lovely part of holidaying. We (hubby and me) are off for a few nights over the weekend. May have to do a little pre break shopping!

  3. Catherine Elizabeth says

    What a dreamy holiday you’re having. The beach, books, baking. That sounds like a perfect combination to me! 🙂 I haven’t read Eleanor Oliphant, but it’s on my ‘too read’ list, so here’s hoping it’s a great read for both of us!

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