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Weekly photos 21/52

1. This week saw the last days of the school year and fifth grade graduation. 2. The kids all got to choose an ice cream from the ice cream truck as part of graduation celebrations. 3. In the rain, lots of these flowers ended up scattered on the grass. 4. I picked some kale from the garden for salad. Home grown is the best! 5. On the plane to holidays in Cape Cod, the essential gin and tonic! 6. At low tide we spotted these sea fairy castles all over the beach. 7. I love to go to the library wherever we are, so I snapped a photo of the local library opening times. 8. Directions to an antique shop in Chatham MA. Have a lovely week. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 26/52.

1. I had a little chat with the local owl this week as he sat on a branch and looked at me over his back. I love that owls can turn their head all the round to face the other way! 2. This tray was in a antique mall and I like the buildings on it and the style in which they are drawn. I didn’t buy the tray, but snapped a photo, so maybe I can get inspiration from it to draw my own cute buildings. 3. The creek has flooded up and down so much lately we haven’t been exploring for a while, but we went for a paddle this weekend and said ‘Hi’ to Mrs Duck and her ducklings as they swam and waddled by us. 4. A mandala and the mess I make when I am drawing and painting them! I hope you had a good week, the weather here had been a bit bonkers, storms and sun and heat and hail! Hopefully this next week will be more settled. We …