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Through The Lens Thursday #30 Vintage

TTLT #30 Vintage
I just couldn’t decide what to photo for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday. Vintage covers most things I own!
So, I decided to work with an old cassette player and a couple of tapes for good measure. I got this player at an estate sale and it needs some work to get it to play properly again. It plays tapes, but they play very slowly, so that it sounds like a drunkard! Remember when a tape got jammed or the player ran out of battery? That is how this baby plays.

I never owned a tape player when I was a teen and listening to music on cassettes, I either used the main stereo in the front room (much to my family’s joy I am sure!) or I monopolized the car tape player wherever we went.
It was only when I went off to college that I got my very own portable tape player. Yay for the 80’s and early 90’s.

To be honest though, I really don’t consider tapes and the relevant playing machines to be vintage, I am sure I am in denial and that may never change, but if I can remember it, how can it be vintage?!
Do you remember listening to tapes? Still own any? I got rid of some of mine, and I wish I had kept them all, I do have some, but not all of them.


  1. I’ve clung on to some of my fav ‘mix tapes’ but hardly have a CD player now. Yay for vintage and the 80’s/90’s though – ah the memories! Beautiful image x

    • I didn’t keep my ‘taped from the radio’ tapes and I wish I had. They are the best!

  2. This is a lovely photo. I used to have a tape player but not any more, sadly. Last year, when my Grandma passed away, we were looking for music to play at her wake and found her tape player and all her old tapes, so we popped those on…couldn’t have been nicer! Somehow sounded better on a tape compared with a CD or iPod x

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