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Through the Lens Thursday #50. Packed.

Blimey, we are at week 50 already!  I found out today that this year has 53 weeks and not 52, I thought all years had 52 weeks, I thought it was the rule.  Apparently not.  There I was thinking we had two weeks left and as if by magic another one appears!  Hello week 53 and welcome to 2015. This week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt is ‘Packed’.  Through the Lens Thursday is a year long weekly project hosted by Greta at GFunkified blog to improve our photography skills using our big girl cameras and not just the phone. I usually just snap away on the phone and I need to keep practicing my ‘proper’ camera skills. Today I made mince pies with homemade mincemeat which I made from this Jamie Oliver recipe.  I packed in the mincemeat for a nice generous filling. Now I am trying not to eat them all! I hope your Thursday is going well!

Through The Lens Thursday #45. Bright.

We have a teeny tiny Dogwood tree in our front garden which I have nearly mowed down to the ground on more than one occasion! Thankfully I missed it every time and it is growing slowly but surely.  This year it has a little collection of leaves which have turned a fabulous orange pink for the autumn. A little bright beacon shining from my front lawn, some trees in the autumn see to be their own light source and this is one of them. A perfect example of ‘bright’ for this week’s Through The Lens Thursday.  Next week is ‘Smile’. Happy Thursday!

Through The Lens Thursday #43. Spicy.

This week has been like summer here in the Mid West!  It got to 92 degrees yesterday and I am browsing boots online while wearing sandals. Last week we had a couple of nights of frost, I know, the weather here is bonkers!  My chili plants are in pots so I hauled them all into the basement to hide out until the temps crept back up.  They seemed to be happy with the arrangement and are growing and blooming all over the place.  They had better hurry up as winter is just around the corner and the weather here can turn on a dime.  I deliberately planted them in pots this year so that I can move them into the basement and hopefully I will get some chilis from these flowers. The top picture is a Santaka Hot Asian chili and the bottom is an Ancho chili, so the Santaka will turn a vibrant red and the Ancho has some growing ahead of it as this is a tiny new chili.  Once the chiles ripen, …

Through The Lens Thursday #42. Plant.

  Plants plants plants, they are hanging onto the warm afternoons.  Tomatoes are ripening, chilis are getting fat alongside the aubergines, all for harvest before the first frost.  Nights and mornings are in the 40’s and by mid afternoon we are in the mid 80’s and the poor plants don’t know what to think.  It is ‘boots in the morning’ and ‘flip flops by the afternoon’ kinda weather! This little barrel cactus lives on my kitchen windowsill, he is an indoor cactus whereas the rest live outside in the summer, and they all squeeze into an inside spot like a shelf or a clearing at the table for the winter. As the nights are getting colder, the plants are starting to jostle for space inside as I bring them in gradually. As usual, they are all a little bigger than last winter! Next week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt is ‘Spicy’.

Through The Lens Thursday #39. Pink.

I got rather distracted on my last trip to Michaels the craft shop and I ended up buying three balls of super chunky yarn in this lovely pink with a view to knit a cowl/scarf for the winter.  I knitted it up in a couple of hours (on and off with a spot of cooking and cleaning in between rows) and I am pleased with the final cowl.  Now I just need some cool weather so that I can wear it! I have included this photo too even though it is completely out of focus. A happy accident in my opinion, I like the fuzzy hazy look. You can still tell what it is a photo of, but it is artistically (accidentally) out of focus. Next week’s prompt is ‘Lines’.

In My Garden

I wrote about my garden as it started to sprout and grow back in May here, so I thought I would get a few photos of the garden now and see how it has developed. It seems that some of the plants have come and gone, like the rhubarb and the sunflowers but some plants have taken off and created their own little rambling world.  The tomatoes have all grown and tumbled (some literally) and grown into huge plants.  Cherry tiny tomatoes are jostling with beefsteak big guys all trying to survive the squirrels together.  Unfortunately the squirrels prefer the large slower growing tomatoes whether they have ripened or not.  Consequently I have not had the pleasure of more than one or two tomatoes larger than a couple of centimeters. The tomatoes under the Mulberry tree are taking forever and ever to grow and then even consider going red, some have mutated into unusual shapes. I wonder if this one will ripen or will it get stolen for a squirrel’s breakfast. The chilis have been …

Through The Lens Thursday #36. Breakfast.

I am a mite late with this week’s ‘Through the Lens Thursday’, but I made it eventually. Mainly because I don’t really eat breakfast on a regular basis, by the time I want breakfast it is usually mid morning and I figure that I might as well wait for lunch. This morning we had these ‘Queen of Croissant’ treats from Trader Joes, they are a million calories each, but very delicious. Next week I will try and post on time and the prompt is ‘Game’.

Through The Lens Thursday #35 Triangle

  For this week’s ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ the prompt was ‘Triangle’, so I decided to find the Bermuda Triangle!  Of course I had no idea where it was, so I consulted Mr Google and here it is. Has anything gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle lately?  Or was it just an eighties menace?  I blame Barry Manilow. Next week is Breakfast which will be an interesting one because I rarely eat breakfast! Happy Thursday x

Through The Lens Thursday #33. 9 O’Clock.

At 9 o’clock this morning I was just getting breakfast which consisted of toast with homemade marmalade which never really set enough and a cup of tea. Around this time I had just walked my youngest to school and when I got home, the usual activities of a morning – checking e mail which was all trash, putting the washer on, writing my ‘what I need to do today’ list and getting ready to go to pilates and yoga classes all took me up to 9am. I know, I am an over achiever on Thursday mornings at the Y, I take an hour of yoga followed by an hour of pilates. All of this stuff and a whole lot more, is why I am posting my 9 o’clock photo at 2 o’clock! Where do the days go? They whizz by our ears laughing at our lists as we only cross half of the items off. And now it is almost time to go and meet my little fella from school. I wonder how today went? …