Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday #35 Triangle

TTLT #35 Triangle


For this week’s ‘Through The Lens Thursday’ the prompt was ‘Triangle’, so I decided to find the Bermuda Triangle!  Of course I had no idea where it was, so I consulted Mr Google and here it is.

Has anything gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle lately?  Or was it just an eighties menace?  I blame Barry Manilow.

Next week is Breakfast which will be an interesting one because I rarely eat breakfast!

Happy Thursday x


    • Ha ha ha, that cracked me up Sarah! How the devil are you? Very well I hope and now going to dig out some Barry Manilow to sing along to I am sure!

  1. What a great idea, photographing the Bermuda Triangle for a triangle prompt. Gosh I love globes of the world. I must get one. You rarely eat breakfast? Wow. I couldn’t do that. It’s my favourite meal of the day by far!

    • I love globes and maps and atlases! I like breakfast, but usually by the time I get around to it, it is often nearly lunchtime!

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