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D.I.Y. Doodle Card

Doodle Card

I had to send some parcels to my Aunty and my cousin this week, and I wanted to pop in a card to say ‘Hi’, so naturally I decided to make them.

To start with I grabbed some postcard size colored card stock from our local art store.  I made sure the cards were bold in colour because I knew I was going to try out my white Gelly Roll pen for the design.  Now, Gelly Rolls and I have not got on very well in the past because I have never been able to get a nice line with them, they have always had a tendency to jump and give an uneven line.  I don’t mind an uneven line to a certain extent, but these looked like I had made a drawing with corrector fluid.  But I have seen such lovely things made using the dreaded Gelly Roll that decided to give them another go.  Success!  I don’t know if it was the paper surface (these cards are ultra smooth) or I just had a duff pen before, but I shall just say that I enjoyed my Gelly Roll very much and I look forward to using them again, in fact I made another card the same day with different color paper and my new found Gelly pal.

To show you how I went about making the design on the card, I photographed my random doodling  as I went.


As you can see, it is really just a bunch of circles and lines which I added to as I went along, some got filled in, most didn’t. I find it very satisfying how basic shapes all drawn together can make something so effective.  The white pen is a great contrast and it didn’t skip or jump, it drew very nicely.

So, get some colored card and get doodling and don’t forget to show me what you made!  Share on my Facebook page if you like, I would love to see.

Here is a super cool project using Gelly Rolls and markers on a sketchbook cover from Tiny Rotten Peanuts.  Makes you want to doodle all over everything!

I hope you are having a fab week!


  1. This is so cool, Clare! And I love how you refer to your previous pen as a ‘duff pen’…I assume that means a pen that didn’t work? Like, a dud? I think we would say dud in Australia. ‘A dud pen.’ Is a duff pen a British thing, or American? I love your design and would like to get my hands on a Gelly Roll pen one day.

    • Ha, yes, dud, duff, bit not working, all of those things! E mail me your address and I will happily send you a gelly roll or two.

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