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The August Break Part One.

The August Break is the brainchild of the fabulous Susannah Conway and gives bloggers (and anyone else of course!) the opportunity to take lots of cool photos in August following daily prompts.  This August I decided to take the photos with my film camera, so I couldn’t slap them onto Instagram every day, I took the photos best I could and hoped that some of them would be successful in print.

The August Break

1. Breakfast.  I am not sure why I have to take every photo at a funky angle.  First thing I have to do with digital photos is straighten them!
2. Air. For this photo I asked my 10 year old to chuck some leaves in the air.  I think I will call this one ‘artistic’.  Ahem.
3. Skin.  Tree skin.  Bark.
4. Numbers.  I took one photo for numbers and as I walked away I saw this ticket on the floor and snapped it.

The August Break

5. Citrus.  Lemons.
6. Notebook.  Some of my current notebooks, I mainly use the big one, the others hang out in my bag to record my endless lists and random ideas.
7. 5 facts about me. I like to make my own face oil.  I enjoy sewing.  I collect buttons.  I like to write.  Watercolours are my favorite.
8. Smooth. A smooth skinned melon.

The August Break

9. Earth.  I attempted to photo the earth full of beetroot plants.  Bit blurred!
10.Talisman.  Quartz crystal.
12. Yellow. Yellow wheels on a toy tractor.
13. Last year.  Looking back in last year’s diary.

The August Break

14. Favorite smell.  Tomato plants smell so good and remind me of my Grandad.
15. Art. Houses project, drawn and painted as part of the Jennie Maizels Sketchbook Club, which I highly recommend.
17. Reading.  I was reading The Opposite of Loneliness and now I am reading Walking Home by Simon Armitage.

I missed a couple of days, oopsie, but not a bad show for half a month.  I think I like the yellow tractor wheels best and the tomato plant.  Hopefully the other half of the August Break photos will turn out.  The film is in the camera ready to finish the month, in fact I need to take today’s photo which is ‘In the Distance’.

Happy Monday!


    • Getting real photos back for the first time, to see what has turned out is exciting! Just like the old days!!

  1. Such a great idea. I went through them and thought ‘my favourites are the toy tractor and the tomato plant’…and then saw they were your favourites too! I also like the one of your cup of tea/coffee and the Marina Keegan book on the chair. How did you find the book?

    • I liked the cup and book one too. I must admit I didn’t make it through the book, it was more ‘young adult’ I thought which isn’t my thing. I am reading a great book about walking the Pennine Way in Northern England and Scotland by Simon Armitage which is definitely my thing!

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