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Through The Lens Thursday #33. 9 O’Clock.

TTLT 9 o'clock
At 9 o’clock this morning I was just getting breakfast which consisted of toast with homemade marmalade which never really set enough and a cup of tea.

Around this time I had just walked my youngest to school and when I got home, the usual activities of a morning – checking e mail which was all trash, putting the washer on, writing my ‘what I need to do today’ list and getting ready to go to pilates and yoga classes all took me up to 9am. I know, I am an over achiever on Thursday mornings at the Y, I take an hour of yoga followed by an hour of pilates.

All of this stuff and a whole lot more, is why I am posting my 9 o’clock photo at 2 o’clock! Where do the days go? They whizz by our ears laughing at our lists as we only cross half of the items off.

And now it is almost time to go and meet my little fella from school. I wonder how today went? The beginning of a new school year is always a tough time for kids I think. New teacher, new workload, lots of new stuff to do and learn. As they get older, the homework is also harder and usually leaves me standing in the dust scratching my head! No, I am not smarter than a fifth grader, in case you were wondering.

Happy Thursday! Next week’s Home of Through The Lens Thursday prompt is Faded.


    • I thought if I waited until 9pm, it would be too late and too dark! I love This American Life, I must listen to this one. Thanks.

    • I am a bread monster and I have to stop myself eating it all day! School went ok, my youngest never wants to go, but he was even a little bit excited to see his friends on the first day. Of course by the second day, the novelty had worn off!

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