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Weekly Photos 32/52

Stingrays at St Louis Zoo

Seals at St Louis Zoo


Mosaic Plant


Lotus flower pod and leaves


Chihuly glass at MOBOT

1.  We went to the zoo this week and had a chat with the stingrays.

2. And we chatted to the seals.  My two are almost too old for the zoo, but we passed a lovely couple of hours visiting some animals and snacking on over priced candy floss!

3. This weekend in humidity which resembled the rainforest, we went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  These mosaic plants really fascinated me, so beautiful on the water, they look like they were swimming without moving.  It was a happy accident that the reflection of the sun popped into the shot.

4. I missed the flowers of the Sacred Lotus, but the leaves are so amazing and the pods from the flowers are beautiful too.

5. Talking of missing things, I was sad that the Chihuly glass had gone from the white arches at the gardens the past couple of times I have visited.  Now they are back!  Hurrah!  I must have photos of these beauties in all seasons as I never fail to get a photo of them when I visit the gardens.  I think they must be one of my favorite things.

We are at the end of the summer holidays for the kids this week, back to school on Wednesday.  I never thought I would say this, but the summer has flown by.  We have done some stuff and lots of not much at all, but it has gone from May to August in a minute or two!  Backpacks are out and ready to go, lunch boxes are at the ready and we have met the new teachers.  Now I just have to get everyone up in time on the first day!

Are you on summer break?  When are you back to school? Are you pleased to be sending them back off to school?  The beginning of the school year is like my new year, it is often when I decide I will start new projects and set a few goals for myself.  This year I plan to work on my blog design and I am going to master Photoshop if it kills me (which it might, wish me luck!).

Have a fab week ahead. x




  1. Wow Clare, that curly yellow plant is amazing! Straight out of the Jurassic period. Yes, I’m on summer break from uni, back in a few weeks. Really looking forward to getting back into study. It’s the start of a ‘new academic year’ in China too, which feels strange to me as an Australian…I know it’s the same for Brits and Americans, the school year starts in August/September, but ours always starts in January back home. Good luck mastering Photoshop…don’t let it kill you! x

    • The yellow is glass! I love it, it is my favorite thing at the gardens which is a bit silly as it is not even a plant! A new academic year is always exciting. I have been using Photoshop and had some frustrations and some ‘aha’ moments too.

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