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In My Garden

I wrote about my garden as it started to sprout and grow back in May here, so I thought I would get a few photos of the garden now and see how it has developed.

It seems that some of the plants have come and gone, like the rhubarb and the sunflowers but some plants have taken off and created their own little rambling world.  The tomatoes have all grown and tumbled (some literally) and grown into huge plants.  Cherry tiny tomatoes are jostling with beefsteak big guys all trying to survive the squirrels together.  Unfortunately the squirrels prefer the large slower growing tomatoes whether they have ripened or not.  Consequently I have not had the pleasure of more than one or two tomatoes larger than a couple of centimeters.
Tomato plants
Cherry tomatoes
Beefsteak tomatoes
The tomatoes under the Mulberry tree are taking forever and ever to grow and then even consider going red, some have mutated into unusual shapes. I wonder if this one will ripen or will it get stolen for a squirrel’s breakfast.
The chilis have been growing since February when I started the seeds in the basement. They are all growing nicely and I have had a few chilis from each plant, some have gone into salsa and some into the freezer.
Chili peppers
I have to say that I can’t remember which plants are which! I know that the teeny chilis are the Thai hot variety, but the other two I will often have to have a little nibble to see how hot they are before I pop them into a recipe. Thankfully none have blown the top off my head yet!
The surprise veggies of the season were the eggplants which were given to me as a starter plant by my neighbour. I popped them into one of the raised beds to see if they would grow, and they have come up a treat, I have had three or four successful plants which have grown some lovely eggplants and they still have flowers which hopefully will develop into more vegetables. The only slight problem is that I don’t really like eggplant and every recipe I try with them doesn’t make me like them any more. Happily I have been able to enjoy watching them grow and then pass them along to friends who do like them.
The rosemary has grown so well this year, I am not sure where it will fit when I have to bring it inside over the winter. It has been in and out for a few years, so I don’t want to kill it off now! I used to have two plants and now I am down to this one, so I will endeavor to keep it alive through the snow.
So fingers crossed that all of my tomatoes and chili peppers ripen before the autumn chill grips, because although green chili’s are useable, I am not at all sure what to do with green tomatoes. I can’t see fried green toms in my future and last year I made jars of relish which no-one ate!

Are you a veggie gardener or do you prefer a flower garden?  I usually grow lots of flowers too, but for some reason my daft brain didn’t remind me plant my usual sweet peas and I have missed them this year.  My lavender was a disaster which was a disappointment to me and the bees, so next year I pledge to try harder with the lavender, sunflower and sweet pea crops!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I have had a similar situation with my tomatoes Clare – lots of them coming but then not ripening or half ripening and splitting or morphing into weird shapes like the bottom has dropped out of them. My lavender has gone all woody and strange though I did get a nice little bunch to bring in. It takes a lot of work to grow veggies and next year I want to plant lots of flowers too. Meanwhile, I’ve grown loads of herbs but then not really used them!! xx

    • I always do that with herbs too! I have a ton and then realize that I don’t really know what to do with them! I picked a nice big red tomato yesterday and when we turned it round, it had two holes in it and was half mouldy! Still fun to grow stuff though!

  2. Oh, your garden looks so delightful. [I long for a garden like this and seeing your photos has reminded me of my Gran and Grandad’s garden and my Dad’s allotment…and my many many years of joy just ‘being’ in them]. Thank you for your post: it made me so happy!

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