One+Four=Life, Weekly Photos
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One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 37/52.

tomato and chili watercolor
Heart shaped hole in a rock
Castlewood State Park MO
1. I started a new (another one!) crochet project. I figured that if this blanket is an endless granny square, I should be able to manage it. I wonder how big it will get? It is about the size of a large doll blanket now, maybe teddy bear blanket size.
2. I have been at it again, painting garden veggies right after I picked them.
3. While we walked at Castlewood State Park this weekend I found a rock with a hole which is one of my favorite things (don’t judge). This rock has a hole and the hole is heart shaped!
4. There were also lots of fabulous clouds while we walked.

Happy new week to you!


  1. Why would we judge you for liking a rock with a hole in it? That’s so great (I was going to say ‘awesome’ but then remembered that you don’t like that word. I’m afraid I’m of the generation that use ‘awesome’ too often and I can’t seem to shake the habit)! Your painting of veggies is beautiful as always, and I’m loving that crochet blanket…agreed, how can you go wrong with an endless granny square? You can’t! You could make it as a big as a room if you wanted. Have a lovely week Clare x

    • Ha! Rocks with holes are awesome! The blanket is growing nicely and you never know I might even get it to blanket size before I stop to start something else!

  2. What a stunning view Clare. Looks like a beautiful day. Love your watercolour. I’ve not painted anything for ages. You inspire me to dust off my brushes and get creative. Enjoy the rest of your week & look forward to seeing your photos next week X

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