Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

Do you like a ‘challenge’? I don’t mean a throw yourself out of an aeroplane type challenge, I am talking more the daily prompt driven variety.

I am turning into a challenge addict I think. I love those prompt driven drawing or photography projects which are all over Instagram. They work well for me too, I usually follow along and complete them with a sense of fulfilled relief. Then I stop. But, I want to carry on, I want to do more of the regular creativity, and I think I need to move away from the challenge based creativity and just get myself doing something on a daily basis, on a regular daily basis.

A drawing, a painting, hand lettering a word or a phrase, making a doodle or writing some words even.

I was twiddling about on Instagram today and I saw a post by the photographer David Loftus which was a photo of his sketchbook. In the description he explained that he has been making a sketch a day since January and he hasn’t missed a day this year. How impressive is that, and what a sketchbook he must have. Full to the brim of creative goodness.

I want a sketchbook (or two, or three) full of creative fabulous. I want to fill it with good stuff and disasters and ‘oh well, I gave it a go’ stuff, with a page or two of ‘wow’.

So, I am going to. From today I am going to draw or paint something every day. I hope I can carry on into lots of nice fat sketchbooks. This week’s Six Word Saturday contains my first painting/doodle.  Yay!

Tell me which challenges you are doing and knowing me, I will want to join in too!!

Happy Weekend.


  1. Yes, I love a challenge! Keeps me motivated and accountable.Hard tackled photo a day, tinkersketch, 100 day project…at the moment I am doing Awesome Art Journalling with Koojse Koene. I do want to keep up my rudimentary drawing skills so I’m hoping this will do it for me. Good luck with your sketching! Are you going to post on IG?

    • Art journaling sounds good, I have looked into it, but never got going with it. I don’t think I will post them all on Instagram, but I am sure some will pop up there.

  2. Hah! Finally had time to pop over to you (thank the Heavens!)…Love this idea! I am so pushed for time I find my ‘one a day’ is limited, currently, to the things in my diary: water (8 glasses a day), exercise (30 min at least), meditation (20 min), write (1 hour), Italian (20 min on Duolingo)… I’m joining in and my writing will count as my one a day…..(great stuff! The challenge, not, necessarily, the writing!! LOL!!!)….

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