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Through The Lens Thursday 17. Water







It is Through the Lens Thursday today and the prompt is ‘Water’.  It is supposed to rain later today which I was going to wait for, but in the meantime I popped down to the creek to see what I could see.

I wandered around for a few minutes checking out the rather low flowing water.  I  snapped some reflections and tried to work out how to get the water in focus as it danced about infront of me (one of the reasons I love this challenge, having to figure out new settings and understand my camera better).

As I turned to walk back along the edge of the water, a flower seedhead floated down towards me and it was the prettiest thing gently gliding along in the water. It soon came to rest next to a rock letting me get a photo before it moved on down the creek.

The sun was bobbing about in the water under the bridge (last photo), so I took his picture.

I am sure I will still be looking for ‘Water’ photos later today if it does rain.



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