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Some joy is needed today, here’s what I am doing.


Maybe not all of this will be achieved, but I will give it a go!

Making butternut squash risotto for family dinner.

Drinking tea.

Making a colour palette.

Drawing manatees and reading myths about them.

Art Journaling.

Putting photos in their album.

Laughing as I listen to Just a Minute on the Radio 4 iPlayer.

Cleaning the kitchen floor…

Knitting my scarf which I keep neglecting.

Read some of the pile of library books I have just borrowed.


FaceTime my mum and dad in the UK.

Hanging clothes to dry in the sunshine.

Looking forward to my kids coming home from school.

Going metal detecting after school.

Watch ‘The Big Bang Theory’ tonight with a glass of wine.

I hope you are doing lots of good things today.

Happy Wednesday  x





  1. I’m catching up with a friend this afternoon that has taken so long to co-ordinate. I can’t wait. Hope you enjoyed your day. Xx

  2. How lovely. I had a similar day yesterday with my three year old. I roasted butternut squash for a Quinoa salad, made chocolate nut balls (to stop me opening the block of chocolate in the fridge – it didn’t work – I at the neutrals then some chocolate!). I did some lego play with my daughter, we went for a walk to deliver pamphlets for our school fair and stopped at a local cafe for morning tea. I think these lovely pottering-type things are so great for the soul. xx

  3. Ah, nice things, Clare. I have felt very flat today. Will have to kick myself up them bum to look for some simple nice things to do!

  4. Lovely list here Clare and the books sound amazing, esp ‘make your own ideabook’ and ‘writing is my drink’ – you’ll need to let me know how you go with them!

    • The Make your own idea book is fab, lots of ideas and great instructions on making your own book. I have not looked at Writing is my drink, but I have had a flick through and I think it will be a good one.

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