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My Favourite Things

I am participating in a super fab blog course called ‘Blog with Pip‘ which is taught and supported by Pip Lincolne of the Australian blog ‘Meet me at Mikes‘.

Along with the other students I am joining in a group post called ‘My Favourite Things’. If you pop over to Pip’s post, the rest are at the end, along with mine!

So, My Favourite Things are? Well, all sorts really, want to see? Okay here we go.


Vintage 1970’s wrap skirt

Vintage anything, my latest find was this 1970’s wrap skirt.  It is floor length and I love it!


Fresh Coriander/Cilantro

Being able to go into the garden and grab the herbs I need for those nachos or that pasta dish.  Growing things, especially food, is the best.


Itch by Simon Mayo

Reading aloud to my youngest son, I am aware that he soon won’t want me to read to him so I am hanging onto this for as long as I can.  At the moment we are reading ‘Itch’ by Simon Mayo and it is very good, very exciting and suspenseful.



Taking photos, even of myself in an old mirror in my back garden!  I am wearing a Seed summer poncho and a wood necklace by CatsEatDogs.  Both favourites too!


Library of Flowers Willow and Water

I have recently discovered ‘Library of Flowers‘ and they have the most beautiful scents in adorable tins and bottles.


Library Books

Talking of libraries, one of my most favourite places is the library.  We borrow so many books, DVD’s, CD’s and even video games from our local library, I don’t know what we would do without it.  That reminds me, I need to go today and get a book about rocks and minerals for Mr Y.  Do you use a library?  They are the best, like shopping for free and full of one of my other favourite things – books.


Frothy Coffee

Frothy coffee in the morning, but not first thing.  I have a cup of tea when I get up, coffee is for when I get back from the gym around 10am.  It has turned into a crazy ritual, make coffee in the Chemex, froth the hot milk in my metal frother and enjoy.


Vintage Wooden Beads

Last but not least, one of my top favourite things is finding old beads I can re-use.  I am loving wooden beads at the minute, so these were a joy to discover.

That was a selection of my faves, do you have a list?  Or do you have one or two firm favourites?



  1. Clare, great list, photographed beautifully.
    That skirt reminds me of my hippie aunt Lea who I used to spend holidays with.
    And the library is one of my favourite places too. Love it!!
    I think I now have a new favourite thing – your blog, and those cool wooden beads too!

    • Clare says

      Thanks Annette! Those print wrap skirts remind me of one my Mum had in the 70’s too! Aren’t those beads fab.

  2. Katie says

    I love your photography…it’s so beautiful. Really loved reading and looking at your gorgeous pictures. I can see why these are your favourite things! x

    • Clare says

      Thanks Katie, I really liked writing this post and photographing everything!

    • Thanks for stopping by Priscilla! The skirt needs a couple of repairs then look forward to wearing it.

  3. I love your photograph of the herbs with the sun dappling the leaves, and the ‘Library of Flowers’ is a great find. I love imagery of toadstools. Our library is currently a trailer in a supermarket car park while a whole community centre space is revamped but can’t wait to visit once it is all new. The ‘Daily Rituals’ book looks very interesting – might try and track that down myself. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by Rebecca. Our library was in a trailer when we first moved here, we were so happy to have a proper library again. x

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