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Weekly Photos 21/52

The garden is growing and the seeds are sprouting. I have given the Edamame a teepee to grow up and the sunflowers are 12 inches tall and hanging onto bamboo poles to direct them skywards. The surviving sweet peas also have a teepee and hopefully the birds will leave the remaining plants alone and I will have the sweet smell of my all time favourite flowers through the summer.

I am enjoying my new blog and painted an idea for the title which I am not sure I will use! I had a good time practicing my brush script while doing it though.

image image image image image image image image
1. Girl Fifteen gets painted
2. We found a leaf which looks like a pair of lips!
3. Chalk crossing.
4. Vintage Ladybird book.
5. Potato flower.
6. Gooseberry.
7. The last seed husk.
8. The latest summer footwear!

Have a fab week, work hard and be nice (as you always are!).

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