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Weekly Photos 52/52



Jelly Babies!  Not easy to get hold of here, but we managed to get the teen a massive tub of them.  I also found this article on the BBC about the sweet treats we love to bite the heads off.


A favourite Christmas present was the ‘Adventure’ G.I. Joe complete with Yeti! I think they are having a playful wrestle in this picture…


A pile of presents I received!  Yay!  I love the Jamie cookbook and I am so happy to be a proud owner.  I like to make notes in my cookbooks which I don’t think the library would approve of! I also got some sketchbooks with kraft paper inside which will make a nice change from the usual white paper.  My new Micron pens are tucked inside this fab deer pencil case (I think it is a make up bag, but I have reallocated it).


One of my most favourite Christmas treats is fresh roast chestnuts.  I like to mash them up and make a sauce with them, although I can quite happily eat them as they are, straight out of the oven.


It has not stopped raining for three days and when I say rain, I mean torrential rain, pouring out of the sky and down the streets. We have had floods locally and the creek in the woods is as high as I have ever seen it.


What has popped out though, is all the bright colours of the lichen growing on the fallen trees of the woodland floor.  The rain has given them all a glow and a lovely sheen.


Many new little rivulets have appeared all over the woods, as well as the creek turning into a raging river!

The rain is supposed to stop this afternoon which will be a wonderful thing, then everything has to stop being swamp-like which may take longer.

I have to go to the library to return some overdue books, so it looks like I might have to don my wellies and get the umbrella out.

Happy Monday!

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  1. That rain was nuts. We drove from AR to KS last week and I wasn’t sure we’d actually be able to get out of MO because every road we came to was flooded! It. Was. Frustrating.

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