Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday

Happy Boxing Day!

We got lots of cheesy jokes out of the crackers yesterday – Why did the doughnut seller retire?  Because he was fed up with the hole business. Boom boom!

Another – My friend drowned in a bowl of muesli.  He was pulled in by a strong currant. Ha ha ha.

In my cracker was a mini badminton set which we played over the gravy and sprouts!

I hope you are having a good Boxing Day, it is pouring with rain here and I think we might float away if it continues!


  1. Aah, cracker jokes and gifts! I scored a mini corkscrew but there were also tape measures and padlocks for luggage. Nothing as fun as badminton! Boxing Day is the best day. Cricket on the TV, leftovers and just slothing around! We had a very wet early Boxing Day morning after a very hot Christmas Day – high 30s (Celsius). Hope you received some lovely pressies, Clare x

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